Bluebird music hand in hand Hebei Wuqiang Polish art circle Wu Qiang first show

NetEase Entertainment October 31 reported in May this year, the Blue Bird music on the music industry matrix layout held a press conference to determine the international and domestic two lines of development strategy, through high-quality IP content development and operation and maintenance industry to expand the sound volume and brand impact. Recently, Bluebird Music and the Polish Art Circle Foundation organized the first Polish Art Circle in China in 2016, which integrated the international music IP complex through movies, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, lectures and other forms.

Bluebird music hand in Hebei Wuqiang

Together to create music town

October 27, Beida Jade Bird Music Group and the people of Wuqiang County, Hebei Province People’s Government to “Zhou Wo music town” as the basis for creating music exchanges “business card town” and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will gradually achieve high-quality at home and abroad Music IP introduction, the domestic high-quality musicians, works, industrial brand output and other objectives, and around the core elements of music culture elements, creating high-quality music performances + high-end music academic exchange + “music tourism” integration platform.

Wang Qian, president of Beida Jade Bird Music Group, said that the Polish Art Circle in China as a national cultural exchange program floor Wuqiang Zhou Wo music town, the introduction of international quality music project a successful start. Wave selection Wu Qiang in a sense, fully recognized the Wu Qiang’s “music ecology” construction and music in the music of the town’s “ecological” planning concept. In addition, Wang Qian additional emphasis on the introduction of high-quality music content is not just the introduction of the concept, the introduction of activities, follow-up is the introduction of the education system, music talent and technical aspects of the introduction. Jade Bird from the Chinese University Music Festival to the Polish music project, focusing on the channel, platform construction, focus is on “incubation.”

Polish Art Circle, China ‘s First Show of Wu Qiang

Chinese and foreign artists deep communication

As a part of the Jade Bird International Music program, the Polish Music Circle China Tour was successfully held in Hebei Wuqiang on October 27th and October 28th. Polish artist Dagadana Dana and other artists visited the Zhouwo Music Town and And interacted with local artists. Marek Suski, vice chairman of the Polish Parliamentary Group on Poland, said that bilateral relations between China and Poland have become the focus of attention in recent years, and the two sides have also signed some important cooperation agreements, hoping the cooperation in the wave can further develop. Cultural and other fields to strengthen cooperation.

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