“Busan line” male new drama public stills Liu Renna Lu Xingcai joined

Netease Entertainment October 31 reported recently, South Korea tvN TV drama “lonely and brilliant God – Phantom” Kong Kong stills stills. The drama “The Phantom” by the “descendants of the sun” Jin Enshu writer and director Li Yingfu together to build, will take the file “The K2” on December 2 premiere.

At the same time Liu Renna, Lu Xingcai starred in Jin Enshu writer new play “ghost”. According to sources, Liu Renna and Lu Xingcai will star in Jin Enshu’s new drama “Phantom”, and on the 30th to Taiwan to read. Liu Renna once again after five years of cooperation with the writers Jin Enshu, and Lu Xingcai is the first meeting with the writer, together with the earlier identified Kong Yoo, Li Dongxu, Jin Gao Yin and other actors, “Phantom” look forward to rising again

“Lonely and Bright God – Phantom” tells the story of the ghosts who want to end the eternal life and the messenger of amnesia. As the ghost of the guardian of immortality to end the eternal life, the need for a human bride, together with the Messenger of the Hades to meet the dead from the human world.

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