Jane blurred from the “Tomorrow Plan” MV online desperation to find hope

Netease Entertainment reported on October 31

Today, you may be the worst day ever. You only see a sunrise, but suffered


Times failed, to bear


Times betrayal, received


Time to laugh, download


Times sad. To be honest, you have not had such a moment, standing in the flickering moon below, and every aunt bloody roses, feel weak burst!

“We can not decide the world to destroy our way, but you can decide whether the end will be temporary.” Taihe Music Group label Taihe wheat under the Sino-French hybrid – Jane blurred third album EP


“Recommended song” Tomorrow Plan “MV today, the official online full line. “Past + Present”


“The future”, looking for hope in despair.

“Tomorrow Plan” allows you to find hope in despair

“Every one of us yesterday is the same, every place I dreamed of, you have been to our different, from today, you work hard, and I will spend my planet On the last day. “This sounds some chilling voice-over, whether you are sad and sad life sounded too? But Jane blurred from the “NIrvana”

This whole EP to express the “hope”, “Tomorrow Plan” is talking about “tomorrow” and “future.” So, even if it is “the sun goes out, the dark carnival” there will be a “I” appears “with a match for you to light, a flame. You can say that this is a kind of self – salvation, can also be seen as Jane blurred “cheek” to your despair filled with a grid of electricity, “as long as tomorrow, there is the future.

South Korea, Sichuan, two people shooting spontaneous when the group speech

Rainy streets, full of people standing on the subway, the river is not stop, look endless mountains and rivers … … every shot, every picture is sketched out a story worth telling and memorable. It is understood that, in order to protect the texture and expression of the entire work, this time the MV

Of the shooting specifically in Korea and Sichuan Xiling Snow Mountain viewfinder. It is worth mentioning that, whether in the snow-capped mountains or in the streets of South Korea have triggered a lot of onlookers, the scene of the Korean public is enthusiastic to act as extras to help complete the shooting. Even more interesting is that in South Korea Myeong-dong street shooting street stalls picture is really hungry to eat up, and this scenario has also been cut into the


Among them, can be described as true color starred.

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