Jay Chou musical “can not say the secret” Shanghai field will play

Netease Entertainment October 31 reported that Jay and Kwai Lun Mei go hand in hand in Tamkang Middle School, filled the sky dandelion, the memory of the taste of the landscape.

In 2007, Jay Chou’s first original movie “Can not Say Secret” was shown.

Asian box office was the ninth success, won the 44th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best visual effects, the annual outstanding film, and the best original movie songs.

In May 2015, “can not say the secret” in Korea and other places to re-reflect, NAVER audience evaluation almost perfect score, known as “most want to stage the reproduction of Jay Chou’s works.”

Until now, fans are still lively discussion, a high visibility youth film.

In order to allow viewers to experience in the revisit of the classic new surprise, “can not say the secret” from Jay Chou debut 16-year album, select 25 songs. Each capital is popular Zhou’s classic, “sunny” and “nunchaku” listed in the track list.

Please the United States of America Broadway Tony Award winner team stage, together to create the Asian original musical benchmark.

Tony Award-winning director John Rando, the famous American novelist Marc Acito writer, respected dancer Zach Woodlee, Tony Award for best stage set Beowulf Boritt, to “KINKY BOOTS” Tony Award for best sound design John Shivers, gold producer Marc Routh and Simone Genatt as producers.

A youth story, poke the center that had already disappeared corner.

I will be made to stay, and then forget you, and then close your eyes tight, thinking of the day, someone will replace, so I no longer miss you.

The most powerful “can not say the secret” Musical Shanghai, SAIC Shanghai Cultural Square 2017 February 14th … … “can not say the secret” about the decade, Ye Xianglun and light rain return, Jay Chou also secret To say to you.

Musical “can not say the secret” Shanghai field

Jay Chou lyrics adaptation of the original story, New York Broadway luxury lineup to build

The strongest surface “can not say the secret” Musical Shanghai is scheduled

More than twenty of your favorite Jay Chou songs run through.

Golden Horse Annual Film Adaptation.

Broadway creative team production.

A symbol of the times, witness our love and break up.

Sunset, the classroom, piano, forget the youth.

The most beautiful is not the rainy day is with you to escape the rain eaves.

We firmly believe that music is also a story-telling.

– “can not say the secret” Jay Chou works musical

Performance time: February 14, 2017 (Valentine ‘s Day) from the affection staged

(February 14 – February 19 the first round)

Venue: SAIC Shanghai Cultural Square

First (Valentine ‘s Day February 14, 19:15) Tickets: 880/680/480/380/280/80

Weekday Field (19:15) Tickets: 800/600/400/300/200/80

Weekends (14: 00,19: 15) Tickets: 880/680/480/380/280/80

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