Letter concert in Los Angeles popular singing variety show invitation continued


For the world tour concert in the second, Losangeles concert after more than two months of careful preparation, long-awaited North American fans in the official opening curtain. The Los Angeles concert, whether it is lighting choreography, or to the stage set

All gorgeous upgrade again. New styling and visual effects, as well as the updated song list, every surprise is a bright spot. Accompanied by the music sounded, the letter dressed in a gorgeous punk appearance, white low-cut primer shirt, take the tide outside

Fan full of black embroidery jacket, a debut will lead to bursts of screaming. The letter sings a lot of old and new songs including “if there is tomorrow”, “farewell era”, “dead love”, “song”, “dangerous city” and so on.

The fans also waved the red glow sticks and banners, along with the chorus. The face of enthusiastic fans, the letter is down the stage and fans close interaction, the atmosphere hot.

As an indicator of the Chinese music scene artists, the letter has undergone changes in the music industry, has become a major singer in a tree. His debut so far, the letter all the way to learn from the modern nutrients, talent, inspiration coupled with aggressive as to win the majority of fans for many years of love, his rock music is becoming the most distinctive signs of this era. It is reported that the recent popularity of the letter can be described as transfiguration, “trapeze”, and from between the work of multiple cities, recently also invited guests to record the “every day up” and other multi-file variety show.

Has been

Is the third board “every day up” stage of the letter, at the scene of the interpretation of the movie “dangerous city” of the same name theme song. With Chinese rock music representative of the Huang Guanzhong also appeared on the same stage, and the letter chorus of the classic song “

Empty “, rock spirit” outbreak “, which also evoked many Sentimental memories. Once again came to “every day”, the letter also with many years of friends host Wang Han reunion, ten years of long friendship so that two people in the screen reunited exceptionally moved. One

Adhere to the well-known microblogging host, a cell phone does not adhere to the famous rock singer. Wang Han and the letter are in their own way to maintain a low-key life, but it is this unique “different”, let the two become

Years of friends, sympathetic to each other. It is reported that the letter will be launched at the end of the new album, with music, said the story of the man, very charming and highly anticipated.

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