Li Xiaojie Shenyang concert ending “Ha,” Uncle Hey turned the audience

Netease Entertainment October 31 reported October 29, Li Xiaojie national tour of the first concert in Shenyang grand opening, to accommodate six thousand people in the West Stadium full house, the audience spent two and a half hours with Li Xiaojie The music of the trip, feel the extraordinary king of the extraordinary local scene, experience a soul-stirring audio-visual feast, spent a memorable and beautiful weekend carnival night.

Concert night, Shenyang Tiexi Stadium crowded, vehicle congestion, the original quiet streets because a music feast becomes lively. Since the first two hours before the show, the stadium door is cattle Street, tickets were fried to more than twice the fare, is really hard to get a ticket.

In the music career of more than 30 years of Li Xiaojie, trained excellent singing, with a variety of different styles of songs, the ability to belong to young and old take-all outstanding singers. For this concert, Li Xiaojie and the band after a long rehearsal and running, every detail of the song are carefully polished into a bamboo in the chest. In the concert, Li Xiaojie fully demonstrated his diverse singing ability and ability to master different types of works. He has been singing the well-known original songs “good girl”, “friend’s wine”, “the wine is full”, “two little bees” again and again lead to audience chorus and the audience crazy cry, To the climax. In the new songs of the unit, Li Xiaojie with his unique voice and atmosphere of the control, just the right way to get the charm, the deduction of a unique interpretation of his own style of “Yimeng Mountain Minor”, “Liuyang River” Nanyi Bay “,” Dongfanghong “and other old songs, shows his profound accomplishments and comprehensive ability of the music, well-deserved to be called a versatile singing artist.

The most surprising surprise to the audience is the second half of the concert, Li Xiaojie’s latest album title song, by the Prince of Music Wang lyrics writing song “Hello Uncle” debut, which is a subversion of Li Xiaojie before singing the new electronic dance music style , The song with humorous lyrics, dynamic melody, hip-hop rap, patchwork rhythm and youthful dance, look just like a talented, playful lovely old urchin music Uncle’s image, the audience was particularly pleasantly surprised All of a sudden on the boiling, and one after another with the music of the dance cry “Li Xiaojie, I love you!” “Wow, Jie Ge can dance ah, handsome!” The concert moment to a climax.

The concert will be more Li Xiaojie’s many proud students to come to help out, Black Dragon, Hou Xu, Chang Ying and other disciples as guests also presented his housekeeping songs, and with the teacher singing “old friends”, for teachers Congratulations on artistic achievement. The concert ended with all the guests, the band with Li Xiaojie singing “my hometown of Shenyang,” the perfect ending song, then, the audience is also a long time do not want to leave, has been immersed in the atmosphere of the concert carnival.

Li Xiaojie’s brokerage firm Bird Art Artist Zhou Ya-ping is this evaluation Li Xiaojie: his singing consummate, singing as the clouds flowing water, the grasp of multiple styles on today’s music no one can out of the right. Therefore, the singer owes him a due evaluation.

According to Li Xiaojie revealed that he will be the end of the year before the grand launch of the latest album “Hello Uncle Li Xiaojie”, the album is the main hit every song, the first good, all wonderful, fully demonstrated their ability to control different styles of songs . By then, heavily built music TV will also be presented, and now the new album is in full swing in the production, I believe will give the audience a great surprise.

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