Li Zhan “soul away” MV exposure time and space dislocation style fantasy

Netease Entertainment October 31 reported that a few days ago, the entertainment of its signature singer Li Zhan’s second piece of music, “Do not be so proud” official release. Three songs on the line, in the major music platform, the click rate has been soaring, rave reviews. And this work in the second wave of the title song, but also as domestic animation “Wu Geng Ji” ending song “soul away”, also take this good response, today sent to MV.

The use of dislocation special effects interpretation of the soul away

The whole MV, by the city shuttle, snow forest and interstellar three elements represent the freedom of flight, soul imprisonment and the meaning of the soul away. And in the form of the old film show, multi-angle viewfinder and the action of the body piled up, and the screen characters and various objects dislocation overlap in the visual sense of the formation of a strong level. The seemingly random interspersed among the clock, the city and the forest, is intended to reflect a time and space on the shuttle, completed the “soul to leave” the concept of interpretation.

The sweat as the driving force of enthusiasm

MV shooting at a time when the July, the studio particularly hot, coupled with a strong shed lights, Li Zhan has just started shooting soon had to sweat to Tuozhuang, almost in the makeup of the gesture to complete the normal shooting tasks. But Li Zhan’s professional degree and not because of the difficult environment and be affected, but the heat wave and sweat into the warm, repeatedly put singing songs, shooting interactive High studio.

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