Liu Xi-jun “Yu Long Hua Xu cited” MV released the ancient wind power bully

Netease Entertainment October 31 reported recently, Li Yin International Music Artist’s strength will sing “Yu Longhua Xu cited” MV premiere. Since the launch of a new song after a strong response, rave reviews. In the major music platform of the high rate of listening, long list of popular first.

In the new MV, Liu Xiujun warm Rouchang yet the interpretation of the atmosphere affectionate, launched scenes of magnificent and breathtaking pictures, piano and drums Qinglie stirring tone sketched the battle of thousands of miles of the heroic tragedy, Guzheng strings Spun deeply intertwined drunk dreams rivers and lakes fast affection and hatred of the children love. A Hua Xu tone, lead the king to dream. Sounds to sing, offer to meet the auditory and visual archaic feast.

This is Liu Xi-jun following the “Royal Dragon Plum” after a lapse of four years after the dragon theme song to sing again. From the new progress of the vocal performance, from the listening level of emotional presentation, from the song and show the space after the presentation, in Liu Xijun’s song, with the Juanjuan the string and string play, to eliminate the fierce fighting and manic fighting, Back to the heart of the pure empty clear.

Liu Xi-jun’s attitude towards music has always been extremely serious and even the word harsh, for each of his first music, every music production and even every record details are perfect. In recording this song, in order to make their voice to convey the mood is more full, she kept trying to overturn the singing, only for the pursuit of more extreme sound feel. Try to integrate into the music and strive to become totally natural, this sincere attitude to let her songs long-term memory.

It is Liu Xijun gentle and elegant song, rich classical temperament and the face of life stubborn tenacity, the phase deeds coincide, only to make the interpretation of the song more comfortable. “Royal Long Hua Xu cited” a launch on the popular, long live popularity list first. Good things are always worth the wait. Mo on the flowers, Jun, can be slowly Gui carry on.

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