Nanjing strawberry mud in the thousands of people lying on the river to bring the band full of hi burst

Strawberry Music Festival in the history of the first Halloween big lie on the weekend staged in Nanjing, although God does not make the United States, rain, cold, but the slightest can not stop the magic of the big strawberries attractive, Tens of thousands of fans gathered Wetland Park, from noon to night, the whole station in the mud to feel the joy of music and crazy.

This year’s comeback attracted wide attention of the music uncle Man Jiang, once again invited to stand on the strawberry main stage, carrying his Mr.Man band fire full open Hi turn the audience. Although the return to the public line of sight never full of river definition of their own musical styles, but reborn after the distinctive genre, in particular, every time he must burst the scene, or let the fans automatically assigned to the folk rock camp, and therefore particularly strawberry Of the favor. The excellent vocals, unique temperament, the audience chorus “return”, “Mr.Man” brings crazy and moved, let the music uncle every time the scene is ring powder countless.

(Group photo Photographer: seven Tsai / HASONG)

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