New York Broadway to create “can not say the secret” Musical invoice

Netease Entertainment reported on October 31 assembled more than twenty weeks of classical music Jay Chou works musical “can not say the secret”, by the New York Broadway top musical production team took two years to build, will be held on December 23 grand Premiered at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center. Beijing’s first round of online booking only in a very short period of time to break through millions of box office, October 31 organizers will open the official ticket sales in Beijing, and Shanghai station pre-sale.

Youth there is a very Cock song, called Jay Chou

The strongest “can not say the secret” Musical from Jay Chou debut sixteen years of all creation album Hundreds of songs selected more than twenty first most popular song, the first classic, sentence memories, including this year China new song Instructor’s opening track “I want to summer,” and “Nunchakus”, “Time Machine” and other familiar songs throughout the track.

The whole of Asia after a decade of classic memories, will be a new look in front of the audience

In 2007, Jay Chou ‘s first original story, director, starring and music film “can not say secret” not only in that year won nearly $ 10 million total box office success (Asian annual box office ranked ninth), is 07 and 2008 respectively won the 44th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best visual effects, the annual outstanding film, and best original movie songs, and the Hong Kong Awards for best Asian film nomination.

As with such a high profile until now also fans of lively discussion of film works, this was on the “Broadway” the same specifications of the stage, in order to let the audience like the movie when watching musicals can have refreshing feeling and surprise, So that students have not seen the film before the audience can feel the magic of the people unable to stop the film, not only joined the film does not have a lot of elements of the song, but also created a surprise but laughter in the new tears ending.

The United States of America Broadway Tony Award winner team together to create a new benchmark for Asian original musical

The strongest “can not say the secret” Musical by the world’s top drama award Toni Award for best director John Rando directed by the United States, the famous novelist Marc Acito adaptation, contemporary most respected dancers Zach Woodlee choreography, won the Broadway Tony Award for the best choreography Beowulf Boritt design, as well as the world-renowned Broadway Broadway musical “KINKY BOOTS” won the Tony Award for best sound design John Shivers joined, and participated in countless Tony Award for Best Musical production Broadway producer Marc Routh and Simone Genatt as producers. Plus Jay Chou’s lyrics and the original story, and blockbuster movies, the surface of the strongest “can not say the secret” musical is expected to set off a whole new Asian music whirlwind, it is reported that the production side has been planning in the next year Asian tour itinerary, hoping to meet 11 from Asia and China’s major cities in the offer.

The most high-profile annual drama, Christmas New Year Valentine’s Day with your Ye Xianglun and the road rain together with the seat

October 31 the strongest surface “can not say the secret” Musical, the world premiere Station in Beijing flyover art center, Shanghai Station in Shanghai Shanghai Culture Square, this year’s Christmas and next year’s Valentine’s Day, waiting for you about Beloved, with a review of the same can not say the secret.

Show name: Jay Chou works Musical “can not say the secret”

Performance time: December 23, 2016 onwards

Tuesday – Friday 19:30

Saturday, Sunday 14:30 19:30

(Except for individual dates, subject to the official announcement date)

Venue: Beijing Tianqiao Art Center

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