Wu Shixun Su to the bombing of “Dear Archimedes” Web Edition Revealed Reuters

NetEase Entertainment Zhuangao October 31 reported

Recently, the online exposure of a group of Wu Shixun in shooting the network drama “dear Archimedes” when Reuter. Photo can be seen in the role of Xun for the hair has been dyed yellow.

This cooperation between China and South Korea’s network drama based on the mystery of the mystery of the mystery, “Dear Archimedes,” adaptation, the male members of the original back EXO Korean member Wu Shixun starred, Xu Lingyue actress Zhen Ai.

“Dear Archimedes,” Plot: holding a brother to stay in the note Zhen Ai found living in the mountains and recuperate, hope she can help to find her long-lost brother, but inadvertently help solve Zhen Ai roommate Of the deaths, but also to further the relationship between the two. Later contact, the two actually found Zhen Ai’s brother turned out to be a close friend of the conversation, and the relationship between the two even far in the love of youth has been produced, and Chen Ai’s background and organization leader Arthur, Burt’s feelings for her are doomed to the organization and she has to pull the constant relationship … …

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