A-Lin single “Tianruoyouqing” natural singer another film and television masterpiece

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported born A-Lin voice re-electric power to the mainland producer, by the TV series “beautiful” .

The masterpieces of costume “Weiyuxiaoyang” assembled gold production team and super card, starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Wu Jianhao, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xin Ai common performance, depicting the Northern Wei Dynasty princess in the national changes, the yin yang Li Weiyang, back to the government and the enemy battle of wits story, intertwined with the Northern Wei Dynasty prince of love and hate, the story of the road, called the epic masterpiece.

In order to tie in with the occasional treacherous plot of mind sometimes, the production unit specified a wide range of A-Lin to interpret the theme song by Huang Yida composer “days if affectionate”, and A-Lin also with a moving voice perfect interpretation of the lyrics “Moonlight tears alone wet Tsing Yi, I live affectionate,” the romance and sections affectionate, and the plot echo each other, can definitely move many fans.

A-Lin launched a number of singles for the first few fans and other new albums so heart itch, but everyone eagerly awaited when the new album came out? Sony Music said: “Slow work out of fine work, will soon meet with you, and will not let you down.”

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