“Black Mirror” in the third quarter okay? Depends on you when the British drama or the US drama to see

In 2011, the British television 4 sets of three episodes of the mini-series “black mirror”, produced by the British screenwriter Charlie Brooke, each episode of a story, but the plot is short but the theme sturdy. In the present era of high-tech, mobile phone or computer screen is like a black mirror, people face the black mirror at the same time also illuminate the various characteristics of human nature, including the dark side. Science and technology to change the human and social, combined with reality such as reality shows, social networks and other popular topics, “black mirror” far away from reality by the “science fiction” feeling, and possible bloody “near future”, let the audience feel shocked , But also laid the “drama” status.

Now the third quarter of the “Black Mirror” Although there are Charlie Brooke involved in the production, but the broadcast platform from the British TV 4 Netflix video site into the United States, set into a number of 6 sets, each episode also by more than 40 minutes Become nearly 1 hour or even more than 1 hour, the actor is also more famous. But in many Chinese fans view, the quality of the third quarter rather than the previous two quarters so amazing.

Interestingly, in the main US audience IMDB site, was part of the Chinese fans deep Tucao the third quarter, the overall score actually quite high. In all fairness, the third quarter of the production of high standards, but more then the United States “to gas” to the new American TV view of the third quarter, is still good-looking.

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English drama “black mirror” where God?

Give you a large scale with the turning point of the acid cool

Let the “black mirror” head start in the first episode of the first episode “God Bless the Lord,” has a large scale theme: the most beloved princess was kidnapped, kidnappers condition requires the Prime Minister and pigs open sexual intercourse, and reality show In the form of live in the country this process, if not allow this condition, the kidnappers will be the princess tore.

So sturdy plot first of all to become a topic, and writers and not rely solely on topic to attract the eye. Around this setting, the audience in just 45 minutes to see such as the operation of the government staff, the so-called public opinion, the social network developed society “keyboard Xia” their state, all elements are on the story mosaic. It can be said, “God Bless the Lord,” so that the audience has never seen before seen the TV series.

Then the two focus, “15 million value” set of electronic reality show, the bottom of the people riding a sense of cycling to earn virtual currency life. Actor protest system, the final system is the use of its rebellious behavior, to shape the reality of the darling of the world. The anti-hero eventually became a celebrity in the world he dislikes by rebellious behavior. This “turning of God” further pushed up the status of “black mirror” and “theatrical drama”.

The second quarter of the “return immediately” to explore is the use of the collection of dead before the social network state of life, and then artificial intelligence way “order” with a real robot, such a life whether it is good or bad. “Justice of the White Bear” to residents of the big escape style of adventure about violent theme, at the same time the end came a shocking reversal. The 2014 Christmas special episode “White Christmas”, it is the “black mirror” all the essence of the set, becoming the highest rated fans of the “black mirror” series.

“Black Mirror” and “God”, lies in its subject matter scale, has profound practical significance; also lies in its firmly grasp the audience psychological plot advancement. At the same time, the first two quarters which revealed the British sarcastic humor, but also make the audience feel sour.

US drama “black mirror” how?

Simple, and there are “Hollywood” feeling

To the third quarter, most people mentioned is that some episodes can be guessed in front of 10 minutes to guess the end. On the one hand, lost the first two quarters of “God turning” surprise, on the other hand also shows the story slightly into the Hollywood routines. 6 sets of stories, the subject matter involved in addition to the British version of the inherent social network of all-round development and evolution can give people what problems, there are such as war, criminal detection, hacking technology to combat extreme pedophilia, when VR technology Once again upgraded to people around the things can be difficult to distinguish between true and false and other subjects. Although Charlie Brooke continues to serve as a writer, but obviously the subject matter more emphasis on the taste of American audiences.

However, the US drama’s point of view, the third quarter, “Black Mirror” level is also quite high. So a lot of viewers said, “a set of abandoned,” the first episode “plummeted,” invited “Pride and Prejudice,” “Atonement” directed by Joe Wright, “Jurassic World” in stepping on high heels and dinosaurs Racing’s Bracey Dallas Howard, in the “plummeted” starred in the actress Rice. The world of the play is similar to the public comment control of all the world, everyone can at any time to meet the people scoring, class is also determined by the score. In fact, the whole story was smooth, the actors performed well, but did not think the director really simply explore such a setting will bring about the consequences, simply surprising.

Then VR technology that set, but also a simple discussion of the consequences of science and technology. Episode 3 “enjoy dance” one-hearted talk about child death pedophilia. Episode 5 tells the story of the war machine to eliminate the inferior gene carriers of society. Episode 6 more than an hour, trying to network violence, technology development, criminal investigation and other content all-inclusive, but the “routine” story is easy to let the battle-hardened audience caught the development of the context of the story.

The most favorable episode 4, from the retro form to the lesbian love story, the final story to the person after death into the “electronic paradise” happy life, very great love and very not “black mirror” set, but also the most Standard American “Black Mirror” episode, less spicy criticism and dark elements, “love to create the world,” the Hollywood story rules work well.

Watercress to the third quarter of the score of 8.8 points, although 9.3 points in the first quarter and 9.1 points lower in the second quarter, but still sure it is a good play. However, IMDB site American viewers to the third quarter of each episode of the score, but rather than such as “God Bless the Lord,” “just white” and so high. Therefore, the “black mirror” the third quarter in the end really good-looking, really depends on what angle to read.

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