“Blue Ocean” Lee Min Ho costume debut Gemini lotus pool picturesque

Netease Entertainment November 1 report (compiled / three three) in full bloom drumming propaganda SBS drama << Blue Ocean Legend >> early this morning and burst the new stills, this is really the ‘picturesque’ Jeon Ji Hyun a mermaid sexy Installed in the lotus pool emerge, melancholy eyes looking to pass through the pick collar Lee Min-ho, so that the audience is not curious about this work is the fate of the fate of the set-up.

SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Ocean” in Jeon Ji Hyun starred in the last mermaid Shen Qing, came to the mainland after the efforts to adapt to human life but met a genius cheat Xu Junzai (Li Minhao decoration) triggering a series of interesting stories. In the earlier public trailers and some stills are in the modern dress-based, but today the crew early in the morning but Li Minhao riding a horse wearing a costume in the Shenzuo stills, and in the lotus pond bubbling Jun Ji-hyun is still Mermaid dress up. The crew said: “Li Minhao starred in the collar and the mermaid meet has quietly for the two future fate of the red line.

This new screenwriter is “from the stars of you,” Park Ji-en, so many viewers speculated that this is a spatio-temporal or romantic love of the main line. “Blue Sea Legend” will premiere on November 16.

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