Chen Kun “escape” actress Golden Horse Award actress Wan Qian

Today, the official microblogging officially announced the heroine flower Golden Horse Award winner – the strength of the TV drama “escape” has announced that Chen Kun returned to the TV screen will star in the drama actor, Send the actress Wan Qian. It is reported that the play will start in December.

“Yan has acting” for the actor selection criteria

As an original spy drama, Chen Kun has said that the writer is very hard, with 9 years of time to polish the script, the script and the role is to impress him in 9 years after the main reason to return to the TV screen.

Since the announcement of Chen Kun will star in the “get out”, the media and fans are very concerned about the heroine of the candidates, who can hold Hold acting and idol to take into account the Chen Kun it? Many fans are also on the microblogging to discuss lively discussion and recommendations from the user’s comments, select the “acting school” is the voice of the highest.

As a spy war drama, exciting story, the actor’s acting is spy war drama winning magic weapon. Drama side said, “escape” in the actor selection will be “Yan Yan acting” as the focus of selection criteria, the concentration of domestic color and strength of the actors, as well as the best production team, together to create a fine spy war drama .

Wan Qian joined forces look forward to strength to send “Biao Opera”

Wan Xi, the rise of the strength of the emerging female actress, with the film “Military Paradise” in the “Nini” corner of the 51st Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award “Best Supporting Actress. By Wan Qian starred in two films “hide and seek” and “Hello, crazy! “Will be released in the near future.

Coincidentally, in the last weekend “Hello, crazy!” At the preview, Chen Kun attended the event and praised Wan Xi’s performance. He not only use the “shock” to describe the word Wanxi real performance, but also broke the news a few months ago after watching the film rough cut, Wanxi on the performance left a deep impression, hope to have the opportunity to invite Wan Qian Their new play. It seems “get out of”, in addition to the role of the relationship between the two, the plot development, two “Biao Opera” will be a spectacle.

The Wan Qian also said that together with Chen Kun played “escape” very honored: “” Get out “who lasted 9 years to create the script is very exciting, very pleased to be participating, is looking forward to cooperation with Kun brother, the next task Is to play my role well, live up to everyone ‘s expectations.

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