Chen Yan Xi Xian sound film “grandfather Fang Ling 38” fun “buy buy”

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported today, the comedy film “grandfather Fong Ling 38” and then exposed by Chen Yanxi sing the magic of the theme song “buy buy”, the song sound source and MV from Beijing to hear the media simultaneously open, MV in a lot of hilarious ” Spoilers “to the audience full of expectation of the film. It is reported that “grandfather Fong Ling 38” will be held November 11 in the country.

“Grandfather 38 years old” tells the beginning of the big city dreaming girl Tang Hui Ru (Chen Yanxi decorated) with 5-year-old son Tang Jiadong (Lv Yunchen ornaments) Trinidad, making single radio male anchor He Zhiwu (Tong Dawei decorated) Liansheng two turned “grandfather”, since the opening of the grandfather of three people live together comedy story.

The exposure of the magic theme song “buy buy”, “grandfather” Tong Dawei in order to save the shape of “hot” daughter “Chen Yanxi and” grandson “Lvyun Cong, at the next capital, throwing money” fatherly love. Chen Yanxi an honest village modeling shopping, in the “father” Tong Dawei’s “under the care of” instantly change “trench” scenes make movie sensation crazy.

It is worth mentioning that this time Chen Yan Xi Xian Sheng big screen, not only playful voice to the limit, will also be consistent with the story of the song interpretation to the full screen, and “buy buy” catchy melody, happy lyrics, but also the lyrics Let the chop hand party “big fun.

“Grandfather 38 years old” will be released November 11, Chen Yanxi subversive past funny interpretation, but also makes “buy buy buy” has become a very emotional magic brainwashing.

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