Comment on “the western world”: players are different, different state

“Western World” to the second episode, is considered a real entry in Hong Kong, opened a mysterious and attractive world. Just like the train into the park that train, drilled from the tunnel out of the window suddenly see the vast world. William opened the park tour, saw the robotic receptionist prepared for him – played by Dylau Lailey sexy beauty, he asked how to play the game, the receptionist said: “No instructions, each player’s play is not , The level is not the same, reaching the realm is not the same.

William entered the locker room and wondered what he could do. The beautiful waitress looked at him and seemed to see through him and all the other visitors. As a result, close to him, put his hand on the waist, as most male players do, like an eyeful of eyes, affectionate, “all the waiters, are for you.” As one of the leading actor , Of course, William is not an ordinary player, he Kangzhu the United States, selected the top white cowboy hat, into the Western Paradise.

The Western World has an immense world-view structure, and it is the past, the future, talking about the technology company located in the 35th floor of the underground, building a western wilderness world composed of robots, riding cowboy, bistro, , Each robot is lifelike, and arranged their own logic of the story line. Visitors come here to pay a high cost of the game, in this detail the real paradise, the experience of different life, to open a memorable mystery journey.

One of the charms of the series, of course, is that it is big, big enough to hook the past, present and future, large enough to assume the HBO following the “power of the game” after the revival of the mission – “power of the game” A new world. “Power of the game”, HBO eager to find a successor, as early as a quarter of “vinyl” is a story about rock and roll, on-demand volume set as a set. As a result, HBO invited the gold screenwriter Nolan (representative of “Pirates of the dream space”, “Star Trek”) brother Jonathan Nolan, re-edit the 1973 science fiction movie “bloodbath park”, 100 million US dollars a quarter, Actor big coffee, the world view burning brain-style ambitious. This is the “western world”. Preliminary statistics, “Western World” first week attracted a total of 3.3 million hits, approaching the 2011 premiere of the “power of the game” 4.2 million record. In addition to the “Western World”, according to the adaptation of the original film set, the robot world and the Roman world, medieval world theme plate.

“Tourists will not pay for those who know what is a pay, those who affect the details of their inner linger is the reason.” “Western World”, the story setter said, small and vivid, “the western world “Another charm. It was produced by JJ Abrams’ “Bad Robot,” which he personally supervised. In order to create a sense of reality, the scene is very expensive to build. JJ Abrams said that each episode has to spend 100 million US dollars, the film said, “to you”, have this “up to 10 hours of the film.” Jonathan won his brother Nolan’s film, know how to mobilize the audience’s brain cells, to a depth of understanding of users, guess small details of the game, like “Tomb space” that gyro, actress eyes That fly, to create numerous issues.

Between the big and the small, the “western world” shows a step one world rich sense of depth. In the 1973 movie of the same name, the western world offered tourists the satisfaction of killing and libido. Jonathan Nolan’s American TV series “Western World”, Eddie Harris starred in black people, enigmatic: “I am the player, the other people just to vent about sexual desire, or kill a few Indians, but this The game has a deeper level, you want to take me into there. “As the beauty receptionist said to William, the Western world without instructions, each player’s play is not the same, different levels, to reach the realm is not the same. Everyone is an independent individual, the real world has a different life and stories, when different people into the virtual world, even if the face of the same story line set, points of interest, reaction, purpose, etc. should be very different of. The first episode of “Western World” focuses on the setting of the story, the second episode reveals the “different players, different state,” this is a very important set, we are fascinated by each player to show us the world , But also into the type of design: If it is me, how will play this game? The third and fourth episodes, “the western world” more into the nirvana, the drama to play out of the game’s interactive pleasure, philosophical Burning brain speculation, which can be considered “Western World” on behalf of the US drama, and our current fantasy drama, As well as the so-called “film and television travel linkage” of different realms.

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