“Custom happiness” Tong Yao under the guise of “new Huan” Qiao Renliang eat fly vinegar

“Happy Happiness” in the urban fashion starred in the lead is being hit, the story has been launched since the beginning of the story, the film has been a long time ago, Take the kidneys and take heart, and the other audience also earned pocketed the tears of the audience, “custom happiness” is committed to describe the current fashion gorgeous men and women, looking for happiness true meaning, is expected to become “the warmest year” urban emotional drama .

“Lost brother” Miao Chi assassination of second love catalyst

Recently, the story of Qiao Renliang and Tong Yao this pair of custom couples seemingly entered a stage of love, “do not contact each other, and my heart miss” the vicious circle, as Joe Liang forget the ex-girlfriend really let Tong Yao grief, and yesterday’s plot Tian Xiao (Brother ornaments decorated) is the brother of Tian Liang (Miao Chi ornaments) is looking forward to (Qiao Renliang decoration) mistaken for rival, it is not a word on the Pinjiu, friends are address him: “Across the screen smell sour children” .

The brother-in-law Qiao Ren Liang’s loyal fans Mi Miao Chi, see the handsome brother-in-law immediately after the transfer to the front, standing Qiaoriang Liang, a brother-in-law, called Qiao Renliang sniggering. But Miao Chi numerous liquor power, a cup of abdomen as if the whole world is not good, thump fell to the ground, directly into the emergency room! But also because of this incident, Qiao Renliang and Tong Yao once again hand! Look forward to God assists brother Miao Chi relentlessly in the future, assists sister catch brother!

“Sugar seedlings” Sun Xiao Xiao see users can bear fruit?

Gu Jia (Sun Xiao Xiao decorated) was fleeing the scene of marriage is also vivid, but the collective distressed by the audience, “good girl” has now gradually out of the haze, to accept a new life, and friends, “Zhaimiyouyan” meet, the two about Enjoy the nature in the suburbs, harvest a basket full of fresh fruits, like Gu Jia temperament, gentle and harmless! However, “candy seedlings” and “rice and oil” can go together? But also left a suspense for the audience.

But “custom happiness” in we can see everyone in the pursuit of happiness on the road every night 20:00 hope that every lovers can be married!

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