Day diffuse “days is the Red River” to shoot Chinese TV drama friends seeking to let go

“Japan is the Red River” will be made into Chinese TV series? This is not a joke, as the IP power of Japan, how could be loved the development of Chinese IP movies, TV people let it? In the recently held investment conference, mango TV announced a series of self-made drama and copyright drama plan, which includes Shinohara Chiba painted “the sky is the Red River.”

“Heaven is the Red River” is a Japanese cartoonist Shinohara painted in 1995 created a maiden cartoon to the ancient Anatolian plateau on the ancient Greek Sita Tuo Empire (Hittite Empire) as the historical background, about the ordinary Japanese girl Suzuki eve accidentally returned to the past Sitatuo Empire, and the three princes Kairou Mulu Xili common adventure fantasy love journey.

Readers of the comic book may know that “the sky is the Red River” can be said to be through the theme of the classic representative works, and not only focus on love, comics also have a great space for the description of the war and political present. Such as the court struggle and the grand historical background, love disputes with the good and evil contest, even for the diffuse drama series and movies have mature experience in Japan,

So that the message came out, whether it is the fans or friends have said they do not fly, “Please let the sky is the Red River”, “more users suspected Mango TV production standards, said,” Minute destroyed this Works, please leave us a good memory of it, “” Please do not take my youth to shoot a Leiju!

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