“February bloom” break 50 million nine door outside the home made new model

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported by the love of Fantastic Art, depending on Li production, the Southern School of pan-entertainment joint production of the “old nine” series outside the first “February Blooming” was on October 20 exclusive landing Love Fantastic Art , And within ten days has achieved a record volume of 50 million breakthrough, achieved with the “old nine” series of seamless file, successfully re-set the fine content and strong marketing in one of the explosion legend. Its “fan outside” in the form of more self-made network film provides a new creative ideas and broadcast mode, the first industry pioneer.

“Old nine door” series, including a total of “bloom”, “tiger bone blooming plum blossom”, “the Ganges River to kill the tree” and “four Tu Huang Kwai” four films, respectively corresponding February red article, solution Jiuye articles, And Chen Pi A four, the equivalent of four biographies. In addition to “February Bloom”, the remaining three will be on a double every Thursday to update the frequency of on-line.

“February Bloom” on-line 10-point break 50 million playback performance comparable to 600 million magnitude cinema movies

“February bloom” since October 20 landing love Qi since the repeated success in the performance of the platform performance comparable to the heavyweight cinema film. According to real data, the film is only 24 hours on the line, breaking 15.55 million playback. As of October 30, “February Bloom” on the 10th line, the volume has been more than 50 million, attracting more than 13,500 people to participate in the discussion, evaluation, harvest point of praise nearly 50,000 times, a strong start of the “old nine” Series outside the first gun.

In addition to gratifying playback results, as a super-IP derived from the self-made network movie, “February Blooming” both from the degree of concern, topic degree, or word of mouth performance, etc., are called the industry top. According to statistics, # # the old topic in the old micro-Bo won more than 9012 million reading, sparked 151,000 discussions, sub-topics # # Zhang Yixing flowers in February to obtain more than 2235 million reading, triggering 60,000 discussions, the successful preemption Microblogging hot topic list.

Zhang Yixing joined the Super IP re-plastic red official excellent production of polished “movie”

“Old nine” drama, Zhang Yixing shaped February red moist Ruyu, love like the sea, the harvest of many viewers praise. Among them, the “red rain in February for medicine,” the scene is to create a single episode of the play volume peak. In the October 20 on-line “old nine” outside the “February bloom”, Zhang Yixing again in February red, with their own power to break through the difficulties, protect heritage, focusing on the red line of clouds and water, Feiyanzoubi Kung Fu Kung Fu , Reshaped the roost 9 when the domineering bold, gas field full of February red, not only the audience hooked, more rich role of the image, improve the IP settings. The line niche Zhang Yixing re-joining, but also greatly extended the “old nine” fan outside attention and heat, enhance the overall magnitude of the work.

In addition, the “old nine” fan outside the level of production is also a higher level, whether it is clothing modeling, scene props or picture texture are embodied in the “delicate” word. The crew from the extra stories and characters set out for each role to re-create the “private custom” of the exclusive shape, and strive to maximize the reduction of South Pine uncle’s nine worlds. According to the “old nine” series outside the total producer Bai Yicong revealed that the fan and the drama “Old nine” the biggest difference is that a substantial increase in the audience perception in the story content and visual effects on the screen to the full To create a “sense of film.” “February flowers” on the line, there are a lot of friends force the film “movie full”.

“Fans outside the” model of the first self – made network of film first love Fantastic Art is committed to the comprehensive development of high – quality IP

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet TV market, the domestic audience has long been familiar with the homemade drama, but the “foreign” the concept is quite unfamiliar. In fact, the “foreign” is derived from Japan, meaning “rumor”, refers to the story of the trunk of some branch stories. Film and television drama shooting “Fan Wai articles (SP)” model has long been common in foreign countries. The “old nine” shooting independent series, and in the drama series after the ending of the broadcast – this model is the first in the country, which also provides a self-made network movie a new “Creative + broadcast” model, the first to open the industry first.

Yang Qihua, senior vice president of Fantastic Art has said that the “old nine” shot outside the film, is the love of Fantastic Art to try to IP branding, entertainment, is committed to a comprehensive high-quality super-IP great potential for important initiatives, Of IP development to provide new ideas. At the same time, the “old nine” series, “old nine” and the official name of the same hand outside the “old nine” also formed a complete interactive mode of the Internet movie tour. In this regard, Yang Xianghua stressed that through the multi-directional bundling and strong operations, “old nine” IP ecological width will be greatly widened, so as to further expand the brand influence and open up the entertainment industry chain.

Five City Road to unlock O2O marketing new linkage 20 brands to achieve online and offline integration

In addition to a strong IP foundation, heavyweight actor to join and well-produced and other major reasons, the efficient marketing of new games is the “February Blooming” an important factor in repeated success. Love Fantastic Art has invested a lot of station resources and multi-platform channel resources, enabled a professional film marketing team online and offline synchronization of the “February Blooming” strong marketing, further unlock the “cinema + Internet” 020 film and television marketing New ways.

It is reported that the “old nine door” series will be officially opened on Nov. 5, “find nine origins” five-city roadshow, along the Hangzhou – Wuhan – Chongqing – Zhengzhou – Qingdao route into the campus, the welfare. According to Yang Xianghua revealed that this line is based on the analysis of large data, according to the “old nine door” fans as well as love Fantastic Art VIP users focus on city screening, will help achieve the online word-of-mouth to online volume conversion.

In addition, the love of Fantastic Art is more linked to the United States and excellent products, IN, bus steward, Sogou film, coffee wings, Caesar tourism and other top 20 brands to open the industry together across the border, a wide range of brand alliance, comprehensive open online online marketing Cooperation and integration.

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