Guduo push network video data query system to achieve real-time data monitoring

NetEase Entertainment November 1 reported October 28, bone network video data query system on the whole network officially launched. Guoduo media as the industry’s only focus on the network video industry’s professional data services company, with its own resources and their own intellectual property rights of the core data monitoring and control system to achieve full-platform network-made content of real-time tracking and data monitoring for network video Market to provide real-time, fair, intuitive, accurate third-party decision-making reference.

China’s network-made content in recent years, explosive growth: the overall size of the network video market in 2013 is about 1.5 billion in 2014 to 4 billion yuan in 2015 than in 2014 increased by 5 times, reaching 20 billion. It is expected that the scale of the market will maintain a high growth rate of 42.5 billion yuan (including copyright, implantation, games and other related derivative products such as pure net play, net play, network big movie and network variety).

China ‘s online TV market scale growth trend

As the market capacity and influence with the surge in the flow of capital into the network of self-made content areas, high-speed growth of the industry showing a large number of broadcast channels, production team complex, rapid growth in the number of practitioners, the content varies greatly, outstanding artists and so on Features. In this context, the production company, broadcast platform and regulatory agencies need an industry third party to provide accurate and accurate broadcast data and objective and impartial evaluation criteria to insight into the market, to guide the production, risk aversion, monitoring anomalies.

For this reason bone bone media launched [bone network video data query system] on the whole platform for network-made content from planning the preparatory stage, until the filming is broadcast, real-time tracking, to play the content 24 hours of continuous data monitoring, for Market parties to provide reliable decision-making reference.

Guoduo network video data query system currently covers the network drama, the network of large film and network variety of three areas, with three prominent features:

1, playback data real-time updates per hour

Provide each network drama, the network big movie, the network variety project the same day and the day before day the hour volume data curve, and real-time renewal, realizes real-time grasping broadcast dynamics. Calendar can be used to check the volume and leaderboards of any day.

(Daily and total); over the past 7 days, 30 days, the daily broadcast situation, insight into the broadcast trend at a glance ( .So the same time, you can play a variety of video playback.

You can query the whole network any network play, the network big movie, network variety of basic information and broadcast data, medium and small network television project broadcast situation and trends, you want here.

Bone Media CEO Wang Beibei said, in addition to shortening the industrial chain, the Internet for everyone to bring a major benefit is open, fair and transparent. In the past, the statistical methods of television program ratings are prone to bias, but for network-made content, the amount of broadcast can be a BI system for fair and equitable statistics and publishing. Recently, bone media will also be introduced on the basis of the heat and word of mouth as the criteria for the “red list index”, as well as the amount of doubt for the playback of the project “small black star” for the market to identify genuine high-quality content.

Founded at the beginning, bone positioning of the media industry is the intermediary service providers, data and media in parallel, this direction has never changed. “We are just pragmatic to maintain our neutral status, for everyone to do the services, including core data, consulting and media services, as well as marketing, business and other additional services.May the short term the market needs a cultivation period, but one day, When the whole industry to a virtuous circle, these services will gradually reveal its value, and even through the whole industry. “Wang Beibei said.

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