Insiders exposed Sun Yang I do not know the illegitimate children secretly children

NetEase Entertainment November 1 reported some time ago, there was a media broke the news Sun Yang has a two-year-old illegitimate child, then Sun Yang did not respond. Now on the matter and broke the latest news. November 1 afternoon, the media broke the news that, according to an insider, Sun Yang ‘s former girlfriend Li Ying read his son gave birth to a son. According to the insider, Li Yingnian and Sun Yang before the lovers, after “when they broke up, Li Ying Sun Yang mother received a villa and compensation, is promised to destroy the child, and Sun Yang no longer have any relationship , But in fact Lee has violated the agreement secretly gave birth to a child.

The insider also broke the news, Li Yingnian is a very pragmatic girl, and Sun Yang is the fancy of Sun Yang fame and fortune. Sun Yang’s mother found that after the two break up, and give some compensation, agreed to destroy the child and no longer contact Lee Ying Nian. Who knows Li Yingnian violated the agreement, secretly gave birth to a child, and Sun Yang may also be informed until the media exposure. All-Star exploration also exposed the circle of friends suspected Li Yingnian. Li Yingnian often circle of friends wrote “Yesterday, such as death yesterday, today, such as today’s students.” “Efforts to make the most things you want to do ….. the kind of life you most want to think.” Sentiment of the text.

However, netizens of this latest broke the news have not buy it, said: “The last is not broke the news over it?” Netizens have said athletes should remain bound with the entertainment, “Sun Yang is the athlete, away from his life, please? Do not consume athletes again … Okay, so the Olympic Games are so long, let them return to normal life! “And propaganda love broke the news of the paparazzi,” You can not control Sun Yang?

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