Jin Zhiwen “burning” video exposure difficult to play the same period radio

NetEase Entertainment November 1 reported recently, singing for the wit Jin Zhiwen return to music, carefully polished rock new song “burning” in the last week, the whole online line, a broadcast well received. Today, “burning” live version of the video was exposed, the video is not only live playing and singing Jin Zhiwen, more at one go the same period radio, bold staged Live show. While the release of the difficult production of filling the wild rock vivid visual effects.

Live show to create audio and video over the same period double feast

In recent years, as a circle of well-known music creation wit, Jin Zhiwen with good audition results and reputation, frequently invited to the major music festival stage singing. The scene with the band and the bursting of the perfect live show, also let Jin Zhiwen harvest a large number of fans. The new song “burning” live version of video exposure, the status of live recording of the full performance of Jin Zhiyi fully reveal the most authentic side of playing music. Video, the live ammunition of the visual impact is not only the music of Jin Zhiwen affirmed, is responsible for the music. This can only say that there is strength on the way.

Exposure of the video, there is no gorgeous visual experience, but will make the beginning of the music completely out of the beginning, good music, do not decoration – do not need high-tech, do not set off, high-pitched firepower has doubled the appeal of passion. An opening to lay the tone of the blood, coupled with the video experience, burning like the release of the studio, “Guanbu Zhu,” the sense of the scene.

Jin Zhiwen private music to enjoy more than burning power

The new song Jin Zhiwen changed the love song in the lingering trend, with the way the rock will be “the pursuit of youthful good encouragement” to the fullest. Through Jin Zhiwen piercing cry, tornado-like fire open throat, his praise of youth, catharsis, no regrets and dare to hate the attitude of instant burning, this is his inner energy of the outbreak. The live version of the video is completely using the realism of the way, vivid but not cold live show calm interpretation of rock and roll power, the whole film and not too much emphasis on artistic magnificent, fully restored and close to music production, with music the most true power People. For musicians, Jin Zhiwen will also be on the 12th of each month as his “hair song exclusive day”, inspired himself to continue to sing, so that the enthusiasm of the music burning endless.

Jin Zhiwen and the main video in a simple recording studio will be the hearts of blood burning, not only to show respect for the music itself, through the lens to repay the majority of fans, the same feedback did not forget the attitude of the beginning of the heart. Although there is no cool shooting technology, there is no ornate stage, but at the moment music is equal, equal burning of each audience’s heart.

Today, Jin Zhiwen “burning” live version of the recorded video broadcast the whole network, please watch.

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