Li Wei Prague street handsome photo exposure of the upcoming song

NetEase Entertainment November 1 reported recently, the mainland’s new generation of singers Li Wei exposure of a group of late autumn shooting in Prague, a new photo. Free walking in this romantic style is full of European romantic, Li Wei, a white T-shirt outside the ride motorcycle jacket, clean and simple yet trendy atmosphere, and both classical and modern blend of Prague charm. Walking in the warmth of the local warm sunshine, Li Wei in a leisurely calm walking posture, and sometimes stopped to stand, and sometimes look overlooking, smile between the looks like a warm heart as the sun, filling the handsome light light mature handsome People charm, in a picture of a good time in the years, Li Wei led everyone to experience the fascinating scenery of Prague is fascinated.

It is reported that the Li Wei went to Prague, but also for their new songs MV filming. Since the last solo album “reborn”, Li Wei chose to lay down their glory, with two years to precipitate their own, and his most beloved music travel the world, in the journey back to the beginning of mind to learn to relieve, find yourself most want to express Of the music. Now he is finally ready to sign a new club, Lee Lee, with his own creation of the new single hit again music, and this song specially went to Prague production of shooting songs, but also about the whole line, let All the way waiting for the fans shouted expectations.

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