Liu Zhenyun: “a” good box office is the victory of the Chinese audience and theaters

“A top ten thousand” premiere

November 1, the film “a sentence at the top ten thousand” held premiere conference in Beijing and the red carpet ceremony…. Liu Zhenyu, Liu Yulin, Wu Di, Mao children, Li Qian, Liu Bei, Li Nuonuo and other public appearance also appeared at the conference site, and the film’s premiere red carpet on the cattle, director Feng Xiaogang, actor, Zhang Guoli, , Fan Bingbing, Yan Ni, the host Yang Lan, Li Ai and other dozens of stars onto the red carpet, comparable to the small film festival. Jiang Zhijiang is also a large tract of the godfather of the site to expose, he recommended himself as “a top ten thousand” producer, all due to optimistic about the director Liu Yulin talent, and praised Liu Yulin will be the future of Chinese film.

And Liu Zhenyun at the scene Daihatsu feeling, the Chinese audience viewing habits gradually changed, a few years ago, “like a visual effect is particularly good, like a big dog without the blood of the brain is not that people can earn some box office, but The past two years, the film has not deceived them, they still like to see the content of the film, take the heart of the movie. “Liu Zhenyun more words, if the box office is good, not the victory of the film, but Chinese audiences and China The victory of the cinema.

Liu Yulin: the film to mention the two books to Li An Feng Xiaogang warm field

In November, became a large domestic Shura field, Ang Lee directed the new “Billy Lynn’s midfielder war”, Feng Xiaogang directed “I am not Pan Jinlian”, and the former two of the new director Liu Yulin Of the “one sentence at the top ten thousand” led the domestic film beach.

Liu Yulin said at the scene, the film filed to November 4, is the first action to break the pattern of confrontation, “Lee and Xiao Gang teachers are teachers with me to the road of the film is very important to me as a student in advance To the warm field, to my two teachers to pay a questionnaire, to pay tribute to them.

So far, Liu Zhenyun has achieved a number of literary works of film and achieved excellent reputation, in which one, because the story also involves derailment, “mobile phone” and “a top ten thousand” has been repeatedly compared. “” Mobile “As we all know, basically to expose, disclosure and exposure of the man’s secret, so after writing out, including the adaptation of the film according to the book,” the mobile phone ” After the show, many people met me and Xiaogang said, “phone” in a line is ‘a man to be kind’, the two of you is the world’s least kind man, we men this thing so that you all of a sudden the skin all Stripped of light, although the “cell phone” is also related to the derailment, but the derailment is a man, “a top ten thousand” derailment is a woman, so “mobile phone” to peel a layer of skin, More than women into the cinema to see “one sentence at the top ten thousand.” “Not only that, Liu Zhenyun teacher also to a” time to try not to go to the ” With their husbands, but also try not to bring their own boyfriend “humorous knot.

Liu Zhenyun: sprinkle the dog big bloody chest brain does not say people have not deceived the audience

As a famous screenwriter, Liu Zhenyun also published in the field of their own feelings for the film environment in recent years, “the Chinese audience viewing habits gradually changed, a few years ago, as the visual effects are particularly good, The brain does not say people can earn some box office, but in recent years the audience viewing habits began to change, those movies can not deceive them, they still like to see the content of the film, take the heart of the film , With their own lives are closely related to the film, in particular, their feelings in their daily lives is ignored, but the film to pick it up, and put it is concerned about their own movies, so the film process to any city, After the movie this is the audience do not go, all with you on the fate of the characters.

Liu Zhenyun concluded that the Chinese film is promising, “If” a top ten thousand “box office is very good, I think this is not the victory of the film, the Chinese audience and the Chinese cinema victory, they guide China In recent years, China’s film more and more, more and more viewers, the box office is getting higher and higher, I think our theaters, including our audience is trying to change the Chinese film to the healthy development of such a direction.”

Premiere conference site, the film “one sentence at the top ten thousand” producer Jiang Zhiqiang personally attended, as a hand to create a Chinese film era gold medal promoter, Jiang Zhiqiang of this “inner war” confidence, praise “I feel” “The film can be a hundred years or even centuries, is a very good movie.” Moreover, the large godfather of the film director Liu Yulin is also full of praise, “I am very lucky to meet her, To bring such a good talent to China to the international stage above. “And to explain the reasons for the producer -” She (Liu Yulin) did not stay in the United States, the first time back to China, , I came back to be the producer of this film because she is the future of China and what she is making today is the future of Chinese cinema.

It is reported that the film “one sentence at the top ten thousand” will be released on November 4 this year, the world.

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