“Meet Wang Li Chuan” after the high-Xiang staged “the most Meng” height difference

The most comedic height difference will be on November 25, landing the national cinema…. It is reported that this is the high following Xiang “met Wang Lek River” big heat after the big screen debut, and 95 newcomers Wang Shui-lin team in the history of the most “fierce” height difference CP.

In the fantasy drama Pa screen 2016 summer stalls, love idol drama “met Wang Lek Chuan” turned out to be in the network and television platform to get word of mouth and ratings double high good results, Taiwan sportsman Xiang Xiang in the drama incarnation cure Male, as many fans of the screen new husband. With the height of 195 cm, high to Cheung in the entertainment circle can be described as the crowd, in addition to models debut with Zhang Zilin, cuckoo and other female star partner, and most actress with box can group “the most sprouting height difference”, the partner Appearance of pure and lovely new actor Wang Shui-lin, two nearly 40 centimeters tall, no doubt to the film to bring a strong sense of drama conflict.

According to the director Ma Kan, “the most sprouting height difference” was inspired by a network event in May 2013: a couple photo in microblogging popularity, the photo height of 158cm girls standing height 193cm boyfriend, there is envy Of users shouting “a sense of security”, but there are many users fiercely Tucao, that this “unrealistic”, that the gap is too large, can not accept.

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