Net comprehensive “star’s birth” will be broadcast staged reality version of the hunger game

November 1, the network variety show, “the birth of the star” held in Beijing premiere conference. </ P> <p> <p> <p> Guests Guo Jingfei, Chen Yixi and other leaders from around the world, 80 players Qi debut. 80 players will be staged every week, “Devil Gifted”, open a brilliant cruel “hunger game.”

In order to cultivate all-round development of high-quality film and television talent, “the birth of the star” guest entertainment circle composed of leaders in all fields, “Ace Star Academy.” The star of the birth of the players will be experienced in the drama of the famous teacher, well-known actor, the gold medal system, the famous actor, the famous actor, the famous actor, the gold medalist, Film, and “sound dance makeup line” and other industries one of the best in the figure of the capsule, to accept acting, vocal, dance and other aspects of the star quality education. Gengrang live people are looking forward to the players in the industry’s top mentor who can glimpse of “circle of truth”, learning entertainment this big “workplace” of survival.

In the program, there will be “female version of Deer Han”, “Little Europe”, “Kimura Takuya”, “Suwon Hiroshi” and many handsome boys and girls and dream instructor combination. There are performing arts practitioners dream of the brokerage contract, the film starred in the opportunity.

But the birth of the star road is not easy. “Star birth” not only teach players “arts”, more emphasis should be in the entertainment business in EQ, Adversity and other comprehensive quality. The program will restore entertainment ecology, “rehearsal” stage outside of the training, elimination, stress testing and other stars daily. Mentor at the press conference also said that “for the cultivation of high-quality stars, never soft.”

It is reported that the network variety show “star birth” will be on November 3 on the line.

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