November screen city drama pick up three girlfriend love to look forward to

Jiang Wenli in the “Hey, the child” as the rhyme is a mother of segregation.

“You are my eyes,” starring Jiang Wenli, “Hey, the child” will be launched in succession; the film starred in the drama, Tang Yan starring in the costume drama “Fairview Weiyang” worth the wait. In addition, Chen Baoguo starred in the “letter invincible” and Yu Zhen starred in the “impossible task” as the anti-war drama to promote positive energy to continue active screen.

“Let’s love it,” tells the three girlfriends decided to want to live their own lives, live out all, exhausted to get true love and dignity of the story, the drama director Liu Jiang, three actress also quite popular, respectively Zhang Jingchu, Qin Lan and Zhang Xinyi. Among them, Qin Lan or Shenyang girl. Parents in the short trivia is no lack of warmth, “Hey, the child” is directed by Yang Yazhou, Jiang Wenli starred in a city drama, focusing on urban couples have children, about Fang Jiajia parents to urge their children to seize the three children, resulting in three couples This unfolds the child war. Jiang Wenli plays the rhyme is a mother of segregation, and her husband continue to work hard to have a child. Li Xiaoran plays the TV anchor Jia Yuan Yuan is the daughter of the party, her husband Fang Le regardless of her career requires her family line. Fang old married couple is a pair of old and young, with love on the surface, but foreign do not recognize married, the direction of her husband to leave the property to his ex-wife daughter, decided to launch a fortune to defend the war. Contradictory but eventually resolved, realistic parents in the short female audience favorite.

Tang Yan starring in the costume drama “Fairview Weiyang” tells the story of the subjugation of the princess children in the country after the collapse of the country’s fate, the accidentally become Li Weiyang, back Fufu and enemies wits of the story. It is worth mentioning that Tang Yan and Luo Jin will star in the play, has long been a concern for the love relationship has become a major highlight of the play, coupled with Tang Yan has a high popularity, so the appeal is evident. But there are users that the play’s ultimate poster with the “Moon” similar to the growth of the ignorant girls are the type of palace fighting, I do not know how to see Tang Yan. Girl heart full of Tang Yan, to control the ruthless queen role? Worth the wait. According to “Liao Shen Evening News” reported

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