People ‘s Daily Commentary: Blue Lentinus Epidemic: suffers from language deficiency

NetEase Entertainment November 1 reported that today’s network buzzwords, and sometimes often “popular” was somehow baffling. For example, the recent popularity of the Internet on a temporary “blue mushrooms”, just because a southern accent of the young man to “uncomfortable, crying,” pronounced “blue thin, mushrooms”, on the network has been virus-style spread, let Many people do not understand the minds of two monks.

In the recent online heat of the “2016 top ten network buzzwords” in the post, and “blue thin mushrooms” were selected with the “prehistoric power”, “old driver” “dog with” and so on. If the “primitive power” or from the reality of social news events, then the vast majority of the rest are derived from the network “original ecology”, and often have such characteristics: a sudden outbreak, viral spread, life expectancy Very short – just like an epidemic.

Network buzzwords, in the end is not a language “disease”? This topic seems to have been arguing for years. If they are the language of the “tumor”, apparently there is a stick killed, because after all, some network buzzwords in word of mouth in the “righting”, to board the Daya Hall, a rich complement of language , Such as “to force” “pretty fight” and so on. But in any case, excessive use of network buzzwords for our major impact is, ultimately suffering from the “language of poverty.”

Some people have the expression of the ancients and our network buzzwords to do a comparison: the ancients describe the beautiful people can use “looks better than Pan’an” “jade tree” “stare God fly”, we will only say “high-fu handsome” The ancient people to express sadness with “my heart sad, Mo know I sorrow,” we will only be “sad”, we can only say that the “poor”; With the “thin blue mushrooms” … … Perhaps this comparison some extreme, but if one day you mouth closed will only be used to say “high-fu handsome” “short stump”, will also be expressed by their lack of stunned ??

The endless world of the network, the role of modern media and the impact should not be overlooked. The reason why some network hot words spread quickly, in fact, depends largely on the role of Internet users to carry. Some are keen on speculation hot words network promoter is also using this point, so that some of the vulgar “network buzzwords” spread of the network.

Perhaps we should believe that the language of the “self-purification ability”, do not worry too much about fear, since ancient times language has been integration, innovation, elimination, and ultimately settling down is the essence. But after all, language is also a culture, for individuals, choose to use what kind of language will influence our cultural connotations and even the depth of thought, and smart people, always in the “trend” to pick out what you want Of things, rather than laissez-faire themselves into the “popular” whirlpool.

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