Phoenix Legend announced concert program Putin Royal Orchestra to help out

Phoenix announced the latest concert program, this year on December 31 and next year on January 7, Phoenix legend will be held in Beijing and Shenzhen, respectively, New Year’s Symphony concert. This year with the legendary Phoenix in the music program “Heroes of the World” in the active, more and more people look forward to this combination can use a tour to return viewers, presented to the fans the latest Divine Comedy. The final set only two games, talking about the reasons, Ling spent, said: “Because enough special!”

Phoenix’s latest album is scheduled for release in November, the concert will not only sing new songs, they also invited the Putin Queen – Russia St. Petersburg’s Tavridiesky Symphony Orchestra to come back, to reproduce two years ago brush Burst network symphony concert. 14 years of the legendary Phoenix and the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra, the eight popular works re-arranger, through the form of a new symphony playing, not only the media to give crazy praise, as well as fans microblogging feeling: “the first song” above the moon “On the direct offer of the knee, this is what I have heard the moon above! This is obviously the lunar surface is also fighting march ah!” Bilibili and other young people gathered in the second element platform, also received massive praise, performance video “My mother asked me why I kneel to see the legend of Phoenix” “My journey is the stars of the sea,” “the knee has been broken,” and so people laughing.

Many fans usually do not listen to the habit of symphonic concerts, before there will not understand the doubts, the results heard their familiar melody with a different interpretation of the choreography, both emotionally and let people shines, creative. Recently, Ling Hua Zeng Yi is not only busy with the orchestra rehearsal, is also constantly adapting to new works, Ling spent that most special music to arouse the enthusiasm of everyone, three hours of singing and dancing, so fans do High To the burst of preparation.

It is reported that the Hong Kong gold medal director Alice, China good sound music director Jin Shaogang, China good sound director Liu Zhuo will fully join, super configuration only for Phoenix Nirvana night. The most popular music, the most enthusiastic atmosphere, this is the legend of Phoenix hope that a person can be together boiling performance. Together with the legend of Phoenix, let the world hear our happy! Shenzhen market in the November 1 official billing.

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