“Psychological crime 2” high-definition trailer first exposed fog numerous hard to see murderers

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported by the music video and the Phoenix joint film produced jointly “psychological crime 2”, after more than three months of shooting and production, and finally to uncover the mystery. Professor Joe really dead? Fangmu can out of the demons? Fang Wei Tai Wei, which will face new challenges? This time they can successfully cross the border? These mysteries will be announced in the music video. Today, the “Psychological Crime 2” released the first 40s trailer, please Tell me what music video search keywords [psychological second quarter pilot version notice] to see as fast as the first word of mouth super network drama, “psychological crime” by burning brain Plot and conscience produced in 2015, brush friends circle, received the book powder powder rave reviews, become the 2015 watercress community annual score one of the highest continental drama. “Psychological crime 2” adapted from Remy’s novel of the same name “education field” and “underground river” series, released from the previous film side poster, you can see the second quarter is still the first quarter of the wood and Tai Wei The main combination, but the female host changed and starred by the new. With the development of the story, all the characters and psychology have undergone great changes, Fangmu from a high IQ of melancholy students, turned into a more agile mind logic clearer people’s police; Tai Wei, after the case of baptism, The police and justice have a different understanding, they not only rescue the hostages in distress, but also in the process of self-transformation.

Pilot trailer containing mystery is nirvana reborn or perish together

Although the pilot trailer only a short 40s, but which implied the role of the experience or even the outcome of the play –

Fangmu wearing police uniforms look solemn standing in the rain to salute? Is it day and night to get along with his teammates in the battle at the expense of?

The first quarter of the Chinese side of the wood is the brain force, in the new season plot, the first wood raised his pistol, muzzle alignment is who?

This should be the first line of the murderer of the square wood, why wearing a prison hand clothes handcuffs? Is teammates betrayed?

In the fast flashback screen, the square wood behind a man wearing a white devil mask. Corresponding to the first quarter of this white devil is the “seventh victim” in the murder of his first girlfriend murderer. Why the devil will continue to appear in the second quarter, do not have to get rid of Fangmu wooden side reborn it?

“Fang Mu, save me” This is Tai Wei? Or Xing Bureau? Or the public’s cry to the people’s police?

The next second, his face is the blood standing in the rain, at the moment the square wood in his opposite to the gun pointing to him, do not sacrifice companion is Tai Wei? Is the wood in the second quarter completely black, did not escape the control of the demons?

Wearing a white mask is the ultimate killer? All these doubts will be in the music video as the truth.

Demons and monsters to teach the world to teach people to the heart

This season in the actor’s performance is more consummate than the first quarter, the characterization is even more penetrating, has reached the “human angle one” realm. According to early read the positive internal staff revealed that, in addition to acting more skilled actors, the second quarter of the story is more exciting than the first quarter of tension. The first quarter of the broadcast, a lot of friends on the director with too many portraits of wood and love between the feelings of dissatisfaction, after all, this is a brain burning suspense criminal investigation drama, the audience is more concerned about whether the script is more exciting, reasoning is More rigorous, shooting is more realistic. So the director in the second quarter part of the man to delete the extra feelings of drama, in the story about the ring linked to strive for perfection. Insiders also revealed that after reading some of the positive want to loudly said to the police uncle, “you worked hard.” One of the family members of the staff is fighting in the front of the Interpol, she said: Although the police played the penetrating, but the real criminal investigation work and plot than, or worse than. “Although not personally in the first line to watch the police how to arrest the prisoners, but through a lot of film and television works can be seen

As in the recent hot movie “Mekong Action” in the anti-drug police, is the most dangerous of all police species in the category, they face not only drug users and drug traffickers, but also a group of life-threatening outlaws, Catch are real live ammunition struggle, each time successfully destroyed the enemy camp behind countless police and blood of the police. Police and criminals are not only brave, but also to fight wits. “Psychological crime 2” criminals are the use of people’s heart is not firm, weak human nature and have suffered psychological injury victims of high intelligence crimes, square wood through the scene of the traces of criminal psychology, the criminals heart side Written after sketched out his age, character, experience and other characteristics, and then by Tai Wei and other members of the arrest. Faced with such a high-risk high-pressure work atmosphere, the people of the police with righteousness of the faith duty-bound to walk in the fight against crime on the road.

Deal or No Deal with the Feast of the Independent Documentary re-interpretation of “psychological crime 2”

For the diehard book powder, the novel gives them endless imagination, once adapted into film and television drama, imagine the space will be severely squeezed. How to restore the book powder as much as possible to imagine, and to meet the different book powder, drama powder on the expectations of the plot is “psychological crime 2” production side and the production team must solve the problem. So the product side to spend big bucks to create luxury-class audio-visual feast – puzzling maze, crazy drag racing, high-rise explosions and other film-level shooting techniques, so that the original scene without reservation in front of the audience.

In addition to the normal shooting script, the production side also spend heavily to hire French documentary team for the “psychological crime 2” tailored six sets of concept documentary, respectively named “wind” “forest” “fire” “fog” “cold” . Through the introduction of a concept to allow viewers to reflect on their own psychological crimes. Only to seriously listen to their own heart, face their own inner light and dark, free and easy life. 6 documentary film and the film will be exclusive in the music video broadcast.

Looking at the global crime suspense drama has become the object of the audience sought after, whether it is “suspect tracking” “criminal psychology” or “Sherlock Sherlock” “signal” and other drama series is applauded. Domestic audience on the network of self-made drama needs increasingly diversified, not limited to love, youth, campus, fantasy and other types of their dry brain and aesthetic needs more brain burning plot and higher quality picture support. Music as the video and the Phoenix joint production of film “psychological crime 2” will become a crime suspense type of self-made drama benchmark, a self-made opera industry in the town of mountain.

“Psychological crime 2” music video as the world’s exclusive broadcast, music video members to watch the first. Trailer Finally, a voice said, “Let the wood into the police is not wrong” is wrong, or right, waiting for announced.

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