“Red Man Man West Wind” ratings into the top three Zhang Su metamorphic blood on the line

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported by the young actor Zhang Su starred in the TV series “Red Man West” Shanghai Oriental TV continued to hit, since the launch, the story gradually warming the attention of the majority of users, causing the heat continued, the ratings climbed steadily , Among the top three. Young actor Zhang Su plays the revolutionary fighters Li Zhiyuan also received the audience’s praise, Li Zhiyuan from simple worry-free teenager transfiguration of the Communist Party members, he has strengthened his ideal of life, no longer for personal happiness compromise. The feelings between Li Zhiyuan and Dongmei when the temperature is also let the audience look forward to endless.

Zhang Su to give up feelings into the revolution Brotherhood is facing the test

Zhang Su plays the Li Zhiyuan in order to grasp the best period of revolution, to his girlfriend that his mind was rejected, he decided to give up personal love for the revolution with his like-minded childhood marriage, for the nation’s righteousness into their beloved triangle Relationship. In order to revolution, Li Zhiyuan had to do in the brother of the ranks of the uprising, for all the armed forces to the Communist Party, Li Zhiyuan and brother, brother brother situation is facing a great test. During the transfer of Huaiwenwuwu encountered two brothers before and after the attack, and ultimately Li Zhiyuan choose alone to distract the attention of the Kuomintang troops. Chasing the three brothers meet, Li Zhiyuan and Qin Huaiwen fight, the feelings between the brothers face breakdown.

Zhang Su carry the pressure to get great praise very satisfied

Many people said that the original is to see the old play bone, but accidentally harvested a “husband” Li Zhiyuan, Zhang Su plays Li Zhiyuan in the TV series soon after the launch of the TV series ” With good acting by a wide range of concerns. There are fans in the comments have written “Zhang Su acting excellent” “Zhang Su This role is too funny I decided to chase,” more and more portraits found the New World as “fancy” the handsome boy. Zhang Su’s performance in the play can be described as a dazzling star, whether it is pure juvenile, or blood of the Communist Party members, Zhang Su role of each time the heart changes are in place, acting at any time online. Although the play has been achieved for a long time, but surprisingly, Zhang Su can still blur out some of the drama of the classic lines, which allows the audience to see an actor on the role of intentions. For the current broadcast results, actor Zhang Su said he was very satisfied with his very young, there are too many things in the performance of the need to learn, this can be such a master actor cooperation, for him to Has a value of life experience.

The audience likes Zhang Su as the “red idol”, because he starred in a lot of red theme of the revolutionary drama, “postman”, “beacon Liangshan”, “Yellow River hero”, his image correct, temperament awe-inspiring. On this title, Zhang Su said he liked, but also do not worry about being stereotypes, “really, I have a soft spot for war drama, stereotypes, I do not have much concern, for such positive energy The role, I never bored.

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