Sexy Zone new album won SJ Admiralty ranked fifth

According to the Japanese media reports, this week’s list of public trust by the Janice’s day group Sexy Zone won the top of the list, but the new disc “address his name,” the first week of sales only to succeed More than 11 million, poor results. Japan’s ultra-old rock band The Yellow Monkey years apart from the launch of the new disc “sand tower” first week sales are good, close to 10 million. In addition, the popularity of the women’s team Angerme’s single-sided single-sided dish ranked third. SJ member Kim Jong Eun in Japan launched the first solo album “The stormy blue sky”, ranked fifth in the list, the performance of brisk.

Sexy Zone to win the new disc

Japan’s Johnny Sexy Zone group debut so far released singles and albums for 15 consecutive weeks to get the first week of the list. This week the album “address him by name” is the fifth anniversary of their debut commemorative works. The main song is the “first name” is the first group of narrative love songs, melody is full of nostalgia, but because of age boundaries and lack of sound and other reasons, the whole song of emotional ups and downs, compared to SJ Admiralty in the song When the feeling to the deep sense of tease, a little less. But Sexy Zone has always dared to challenge different types of songs, I believe the future will be improved. In addition, the new disc contains the theme song of the chorus “only you Forever” and “Like a fighter”.

SJ Admiralty new album ranked fifth

SJ member Kim Jong Eun in Japan launched his first single, including the title song “The stormy blue sky” is Admiralty and Sasaki Greek movie in Okinawa as the stage of love comedy film “Suddenly become a teacher of me Fell in love with her “theme song. Admiralty in the “stormy blue sky” This song is very charming voice, progressive climax fascinating, very worth a listen, is worthy of the list by the strength of the singles. (Compiled / Lijun)

Japan’s latest list of public trust list: 2016.10.25-2016.10.31 (unit: Zhang)

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