TV drama “Red Sorghum” plaintiff defendant accused of no response

“Red Sorghum” suspected of plagiarism “Red Hijab” was charged with the case?

“Red Sorghum,” the original author is not the Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan it? “Red Hijab” What is it?

Yesterday, the Beijing Haidian District People’s Court accepted a copyright case triggered the parties concerned – because that “Red Sorghum” drama script plagiarized the TV drama “Red Hijab” script content, violated the “Red Hijab” script copyright, Dongyang Golden Star Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Shandong TV, flowers, such as film and television court to court. Recently, Haidian Court accepted the case.

According to Mo Yan’s classic novel, directed by Zheng Xiaolong, Zhou Xun starred in the TV series “Red Sorghum” in 2014 set a television drama premiere ratings for the year of the phenomenon of drama. The Golden Eagle Festival this month has just ended, the director Zheng Xiaolong just won the best director of this work awards the title.

The famous director Zheng Xiaolong has directed “desire” “golden marriage”, “Zhen Huan biography” and other hit drama. The play by many times by the International Film Festival star Zhou Xun starred in the female one nine children. Director Zheng Xiaolong once said: “I like Mr. Mo Yan’s works, like” Red Sorghum “this work, this work is very powerful, a good work can stand the test of time, put the longer the more taste . “

In the Haidian District Court publicity involving the defendant for the case: the TV version of “Red Sorghum” three production companies, and producer Ji Hua, Zhao Li, screenwriter Zhao Dongling, Meng Fanjie. The plaintiff, Fang Dongyang, asked the court to confirm that the “Red Sorghum” TV drama produced by the defendant plagiarized the plaintiff’s TV drama “Red Hijab” and demanded that the defendant immediately stop copyright infringement, stop copying and distribution and publicize apology in the mainstream media.

Dongyang company sued: “its and Tianjin banyan tree Information Technology Co., Ltd. in June 30, 2011 signed an agreement by the Tianjin Banyan tree company will enjoy its Anaer Guli creation novel” red hijab “works of reproduction, (Pseudonym Ye Zhenhua) completed the “Red Hijab” 30 sets of TV screen adaptation of the film. In February 2013 to complete the production of filmed television publicity, and reported to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Record the publicity.

The plaintiff said that on June 29, 2012, the producer Ji Hua had participated in the “red hijab” adaptation work, and got the “red hijab” adapted script and planning book. October 17, 2012, the plaintiff will be thirty sets of “red hijab” planning book and the top ten episodes of the script issued to the Shandong Broadcasting and Television Meng Fengjie, Meng Fanjie and Shandong Satellite TV reply has been received. The plaintiff through the efforts of the two investment companies have a good cooperation on the filming of TV drama “Red Hijab.”

In December 2014, after the TV series “Red Sorghum” was broadcasted on Beijing TV, the plaintiff found that the drama “Red Sorghum” from the storyline to characters and the story frame structure was strikingly similar to the plaintiff’s drama “Red Hijab” Producer is Ji Hua.

In order to confirm the facts of the infringement, the plaintiff purchased the audio and video products of the drama “Red Sorghum” from the Zhongguancun Book Building in Haidian District, Beijing. After a detailed comparison, the plaintiffs found that the majority of the contents of the defendant’s drama “Red Sorghum” Plaintiff TV drama “Red Hijab” content and character relationships and story frame structure, this plagiarism, a serious violation of the plaintiff’s copyright.

The plaintiff Dongyang Company believes that under the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws, the plaintiff of the “Red Sorghum” TV series made by the defendant infringed the copyrights of the plaintiff’s TV drama “Red Hijab”.

The TV series “Red Sorghum” was filmed at the end of March, 2013. Shandong Satellite TV purchased Mo Yan’s original adaptation of “Red Sorghum” and began to prepare the TV series. Mo Yan himself in the early stage of the drama, the adaptation of the story and the role of the choice of expression of their views. On the TV series “Red Sorghum,” the script, screenwriter Zhao Dongling has said that according to the characteristics of television drama carrier, she changed the original and Zhang Yimou version of the film “Red Sorghum” in the freehand style, adding a number of story lines and informative plot, And film ideas, choose from the “nine children” starting point of view of women, rather than the actor Yu Zhanao. For the version of “Red Sorghum” involving infringement is sued, yesterday users views are also different. Some users believe that why nearly two years after the broadcast of the TV drama, the plaintiff had just sued? “Red hijab” entity book published in 2014 2 years, this time the prosecution is suspected of rubbing? Some users believe that the maintenance of copyright is the legitimate rights and interests of the plaintiff, waiting for the court to hear the case.

As of yesterday, when the press deadline, the plaintiff for the plaintiff, the parties involved in the defendant parties have yet to respond.

At present, the case is under further investigation.

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