Universal artist Xu Xian published drama “step by step startling” starred in the feelings

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported that singer and actor Xu Xian published in the TV series “on the lovers – step by step startling: Li” feeling.

31 broadcast of the SBS drama “Moon Lovers – step by step startling: Li”, the end of their scenes Xu Xian, through the SNS (INSTAGRAM) uploaded a photo and feelings, “take a good. Thank you for this period of time. Concerned about the Concubine Yu.

In the photo, “Moon lovers – step by step startling: Li” Concubine role Xu Xian put on a beautiful Korean clothes, looking at the mirror. Fans of the photo of the beautiful Xu Xian amazed, and expressed the will miss Concubine Princess.

In addition, Xu Xian in the era of teenage activities, unit girlhood – Tai Di Xu activities, and she has starred in the musical “Gone with the Wind”, “Mamma Mia” and other giant system, by the audience recognition. In June of this year, with EXO CHANYEOL to participate in the Chinese film “So … … and black powder married”, for the first time to the Chinese fans brought as the actor’s appearance, received good response, after August starred in the TV series “Moon lovers – step by step Shocking: Li “, the official challenge of the TV series, and portrait performance by the audience’s support, as the ‘acting idol’.

Original link: http://ent.163.com/16/1101/17/C4Q8SHTT000380EN.html