“Venus” Wang Xiaomin exposed the stage there is no goddess Funny Funny

Netease Entertainment reported on November 1 incarnation “Venus mysterious Wai laugh” and reelected Wang Xiaomin two songs, broadcast in the last week, “I want to be masked,” successfully unveiled. Wang Xiaomin extraordinary vocals and full of sense of style full of contrast to make guess guess group surprised.

Wang Xiaomin successfully unveiled the strength of amazing guess group

In last week’s broadcast program, Wang Xiaomin sang “not for whom the song” won the guess group and the audience praise, guessing group member Kou NaiXin after listening to WangXiaoMin singing after address the music level is too high. Known musician Huang Guolun said Wang Xiaomin this period of singing different from the past, the singing of the more humble is very good. Moderator Dai Jun Wang Xiaomin also boasted the concert there are people who want to pamper her impulses. Eventually Wang Xiaomin successfully unveiled, revealed the true body of her guess guess group surprised, Dai Jun continuously praised the long beauty, figure, song also sing good. The well-known music microblogging bloggers “lights HOHO” is made micro-Bo said Wang Xiaomin Mandarin, English, Cantonese songs can come, it is suitable for the race. After the exposure of Wang Xiaomin said with emotion: “This is what I have never had the experience, and found the mask after I sing more comfortable.” But after feeling, Wang Xiaomin sudden change in the wind made a eight-character Of the strange expression, the original is in the interpretation of their expression when singing will become ugly. Wang Xiaomin in the goddess and “harmonic star” between the rapid conversion also to live guests and the audience laughing.

Wang Xiaomin mixed feeling bursting with the formation of the goddess temperament Meng

Although the transfiguration of “Venus” but Wang Xiaomin performance in the program but with the goddess of temperament in sharp contrast, often say it is funny words. Wang Xiaomin for the first time on the program after the concert, but “spit bad” director group let her play the goddess of Venus, but gave her a Middle Eastern style. His words, guess the group and the audience laughing, even Huang Guolun also can not stand and said: “You singing temperament so good, can you maintain that state.” Then Wang Xiaomin show dubbing stunt, standard dubbing voice cavity Guess the group to see the stunned, which also let Huang Guolun laments too much, and Wang Xiaomin is very good at using sound. In another episode, Wang Xiaomin actually dancing popular network of Divine Comedy “PPAP”, there is no goddess burden.

Debut for the first time with the strength of the main reelection Le Wang location

To a difficult “Goku” for the first time boarded the “I want to be masked,” Wang Xiaomin an opening will be surprised guess group. Guess members of the group after hearing the first sentence of deep thought that this is a very singing player, while the other members are constantly cheering. Huang Guolun that this is a very good singing works, and singing in the process of Wang Xiaomin nodded frequently appreciated. The other players also generous praise praise Wang Xiaomin control of the song is very professional. Wang Xiaomin eventually attack with the strength of success. Become a master of the Wang Xiaomin by virtue of an atmosphere of “Love Me Like You Do” successfully hold the position of King of Songs, reelected two King of the throne. Dai Jun Wang Xiaomin listening to the concert, said: “The period of the” Goku “has been very stunning, and today is like a CD soundtrack.

Versatile “fearless actress” Wang Xiaomin always like to challenge themselves. In addition to the development of music career, Wang Xiaomin also create clothing brand and as a designer, while involved in many aspects of film and television development. By Wang Xiaomin as the heroine of the network big movie “suitcase girl” will be November 5 on the line, then, Wang Xiaomin turn in this network big movie to like her fans what unexpected performance, let us Wait and see.

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