Violinist Guo Yani tour Kunming Theater opened

November 26, 19:40 pm, violinist Guo Yani large original national music epic “dream tea horse”, will be kicked off in Kunming Theater, she will join the Yaotai Teana Orchestra for the audience Dedicated a video gluttonous feast, it is learned that this performance is to give the national tour next year to do preheating.

“Dream Tea Horse” is a large-scale folk music created in the background of “Tea-Horse Road” in Yunnan. The performance revolves around the Tea-Horse Road. It displays the history of the Tea-Horse Road with magnificent epic film soundtrack style and diversified music form. Humanities and customs, which combines the Tea Horse Road along the many ethnic groups and their culture. The play with a new audio-visual effects, full of the screen sense of the scene design, strung together a epic chapter out of the epic, so that the audience together from the mountains and rivers, trails, rivers left by notes.

Guo Yani, a modern violin artist, an independent music producer, original music artist, Yao Tai ancient sounds of the ancient creation, the famous modern violin music creators and artists, “the first Chinese original violin violin.” “Dream tea horse” is Guo Yani in Yunnan “Tea Horse Road” as the background and creation of large national music. If Yang Liping’s “peacock” is a regional business card to create Yunnan dance, that Guo Yani’s “Dream Tea Horse” is undoubtedly the best ethnic plus modern, local and international, heritage and innovation combined music regional business card.

Guo Yanni’s music is full of spirituality, in the moment of her female unique musical talent and musical wisdom to capture a kind of inspiration, a sound, a note and feel nature, meditation from the valley of those voices, those through space Meng moment, those who feel the natural integration of the natural one mind played the music between the Tianyu memory of the trip. So far, more than 100 works have been created and become the first spiritual music creator and artist in China.

September 23, Guo Yani stunning debut of good songs in China Liu Huan group love will Yang Mingyi concert, as guests played three tracks, by the Beijing audience a warm welcome, rave reviews, according to Beijing Zhuoya Ka Zhi cultural communication limited President of the company, the famous music critic Guo Zhikai said, the performance starting from Kunming has a special meaning, I hope this show can get the love of violin music lovers, Guo Yani is an outstanding performer, works unique, it can be Listening to strong, and her works based on Chinese elements, sketched out a beautiful Yunnan style, it is worth to listen to, to feel her music world.

It is not only a road of trade in modern Chinese history, but also a microcosm of China’s modern history, especially Yunnan’s history and culture. With her unique musical form, Guo Yani will be the first Tea Horse Road essence with music language to tell the world.

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