Wu Xiubo innovation three drama “military alliance” sword refers to the annual drama

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported recently, costume history drama “Military Union” for the first time announced more than 7 minutes of the trailer, which magnificent scenes, majestic momentum, as well as the film-level visual effects caused a multi-applause, as many One of the most anticipated annual dramas in 2017, some even praise the US drama “the right of the game.” It is reported that “military advisor Union” in order to strive for the quality of drama, starting from the beginning of 2016 is still in full swing in the shooting, the audience and fans have begun to look forward to the official launch of the play.

Three big drama, Wu Xiubo Liu Tao Li Chen “fire full open” elaborate interpretation

“Military Alliance” is produced by Wu Xiubo producer, starring, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Yu Wei and other strength of a star to join the three stars joined the theme of costume drama, the play to Sima Yi main line, tells a soul-stirring legend. The investment of 400 million yuan, the preparation of five-year-old super TV since the beginning of 2016 since the boot, has always been hidden without hair, hanging enough audience and the appetite of many fans.

After the announcement of the trailer for the first time, the “military alliance” of the main public collective appearance, in which the role of Wu Xiubo challenge the biggest, he will play from youth to old age span huge “three ghosts” Sima Yi. And Liu Tao will play Sima Yi’s wife, Zhang Chunhua, the rumors “since the loss of 800, can hurt the enemy 1000” in the heroine in the film “full of gas”, was ridiculed as “Chunhua Ouba. Wu Xiubo and Liu Tao in the film interaction is also a lot, from the exposure of the notice and stills can be seen, Wu Xiubo in front of his wife, “very timid”, not only take the initiative to “acknowledge the boxing”, was also open “pull Ears “, and Chaodang battlefield strategist image of two different. In addition, Yu Wei played Cao Cao, Li Chen Cao Pi is also played in the film full gas field, very ugly color, it is very much looking forward to Sima Yi and Cao family Chaotang offensive and defensive drama.

Dramas era, “military alliance” innovative perspective reproduction of legend

“Military Union” is Wu Xiubo for the first time as the total producer, director and starring works, it is learned that he is the pursuit of quality of this drama is very harsh, and strive to live up to the expectations of the audience quality. From the exposure of the notice of the point of view, the picture texture rich, very rich costume drama heavy colors, scenes grand, film-level visual effects for the work of a lot of extra points. However, the “Three Kingdoms” theme of the film and television works of many, the audience of this history has been the formation of the inherent cognitive, the former celebrities have different “disabilities” of the established image. The “military alliance” to Sima Yi for a new perspective to re-interpretation of “Cao Wei” legendary, innovative ideas unique, whether the audience can provide a subversive new perspective of the three countries, the role of the resurrection, can be described as a challenge is not small.

At the same time, in 2015 costume drama “Langya list” bursting of public praise, the audience on the quality of the play is getting higher and higher requirements. In the 2016 melee, the overall show “less explosive models, no drama king” industry trend, costume drama is very few. To “good gentleman,” “Ode to Joy”, “smile is a great city” and other hot plays, and more to urban and idol this “light drama” mainly, not a phenomenal drama. In 2017, is a large number of costume drama, IP drama numerous trends, in addition to “military advisor Union”, and Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua “such as Yi Biography”, Sun Li and Chen Xiao ” , Yang Mi and Zhao Youting’s “San Shengsan Shi Li Peach Blossom”, the theater battle pattern clear, very competitive. In contrast to most of the works of women perspective, “military advisor Union” as little historical themes, material selection, focus on Sima Yi legendary life, whether to become a big explosion drama, waiting to see the outcome on the line.

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