Wu Zun to join the “Wuxunqiankun” costume debut screen domineering

Netease Entertainment November 1 reported by the Tianjin Deep Blue Television Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as “dark blue”), Youku, Beijing Century Partners Culture Media Co., Ltd., Huoerguosi Yuekai Television Media Co., Ltd. joint production, the famous director Zhang Li Sitting directed, adapted from Platinum Network novel writer Tian silkworm potato The novel of the same name TV drama “Wuxunqiankun” one after another official announcement starring lineup. Today, “Wuxunqiankun” creative team re-issued heavy, high-quality idol Wu Zun will play Lin Lang day corner. After an absence of seven years, the male god Wu Zun to bring the first costume drama once again return to the TV screen, so that many fans look bursting burst. (Young decorated) and the bright genius Lin Lang days (Wu Zun ornaments) will be staged exciting “love to kill”, hand in hand to explain a subversion of the universe of chivalrous masterpiece, expect the value of MAX.

Torn “tricks” label Wu Zun costume screen stunning debut

From the popular idol combination “Fahrenheit” to “Teenage Teenage”, “Princess” and other classic idol drama perfect interpretation, Wu Zun to high score color, magnetic voice and strength acting to conquer the public, as thousands of fans in mind The supreme male god. Although Wu Zun from his debut after a perfect interpretation of a number of “tricks” image, but keen on the performing arts career he also tries to interpret more new roles to broaden the play. After a series of costume movies, Wu Zun again force, after an absence of seven years after the return to the TV screen, bring their own costume screen debut, “Wu Dongkun Kun” strong return, called a pleasant surprise.

Wu Zun, who loves the costume drama successively in the film “Zhonglie Yang” and “dynasty woman Yang Guifei” in the successful shape of the Rokuro Yang Yanzhao and Shou Wang Li Mao two classic historical figures, he was born in order to play a good film Special make up classes to understand the history and culture, the professionalism of the fans were fans of the same praise. The starred in “Wu Dongkunkun” for Wu Zun is “costume dream” of the continuation, it is a new challenge. Precipitation in the past two years, more mature charm Wu Zun for TV viewers will offer a costume debut, will not look forward to.

Xia Qi dry cloud Ying Qi gathered together Lin ‘s two – pronged “love to kill” gripping

This time, Wu Zun in the “Wuxunqiankun” played “Lin genius” Lin Lang days, the seemingly bright ring shrouded in the juvenile, in fact, burdened with the responsibility to revitalize the Lin family, but in heavy use by the villain, The final step by step toward the wrong path. Obviously, compared with the original novel, Wu Zun Lin Lang played as a more three-dimensional full and has a distinct personality, the body has given all the frustration of aura of complex set people, people look forward to more wonderful interpretation of Wu Zun.

Between the showdown of good and evil, Lin Lang days to show the amazing talent and pride of the character of the pride of course, the eye-catching, he and Yang Yang played by the forest is also the friend of the enemy is also more affectionate affair. A potential infinite, a gifted, reckless juvenile forest dynamic counter-attack on the road can not be separated from Lin Lang days of the negative “catalytic”, and Lin Lang also witnessed the move all the way chivalric, And become the forest to achieve the road to save the common people on the road to the strongest partners. “Lin Shuangjiao” all the way to punish evil and evil together to jointly perform a sweeping legend of the heroes of heaven and earth, the ups and downs between the feelings of men in the “Lin Shuangjiao” between the incisively and vividly. Yang Yang and Wu Zun two male gods strong side by side, Lin and Lin Lang days between the “love to kill” will be how to play, as the drama is another big thing.

Deep blue film seeks to be among the light and shadow, so that the story is visible, the audience will be on the authentic Chinese story, and continue to radiate positive energy. It is reported that the “Wuxunqiankun” series shooting start soon, a sweeping universe of “armed action boom” is coming, so stay tuned.

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