Zhang Bichen “Dream Zhu Xian,” the first interpretation of the ancient antiquity picture

Recently, the Chinese music strength will sing Zhang Bichen invited to sing the song “Dream Zhu Xian”, which is Zhang Bichen following the annual drama “Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi” album after the ending, once again with Zhu Xian series of cooperation, the new Single “Dream Zhu Xian” to the beautiful Chinese style melody sketched out the unique charm of the East Xian Xia world, in the soft magnetic Zhang Bichen singing, the narrative of a sad sad love sad love.

From the large-scale costume Xuanxian Xian Xia drama “flower 1000 bones” episode “ring” to this year’s hot drama “Zhu Xianqingyun” ending song “time ink”, to Xian Xia theme for creation background song “Shushan misty “And this first new single” Dream Zhu Xian “, won the good voice competition after the title by the media as” Korean lyric little days “Zhang Bichen, with their own one after another triggered a nationwide upsurge of songs to the outside world Verify their own musical strength, but also unremittingly broaden their music style, to the fans surprise. Unique Korean style of singing Zhang Bichen, can be without violating and to the interpretation of a first Chinese style of classical songs, its unique “Korean lyric” and “Chinese antiquity,” the innovative integration of Chinese music is also refreshing . Zhang Bichen full of magnetic charm of the “stereo sound”, but also to her song very rich story and emotional resonance screen, these beautiful ancient songs in the poignant love and love-hate disputes interpretation of the moving people, so have a lot of representative songs and ultra-high Popular Zhang Bichen, after the game quickly transformed into the Chinese music scene of the new generation of strength singer, has become a lot of drama and game theme song a great choice. The invitation to sing the classic hand tour theme song “Dream Zhu Xian,” Zhang Bichen once again into the masterpiece of Xian Xia world. “Dream Zhu Xian” by has created a “ring” of the popular musical genius Wang Su Tailo sword lyrics, with Zhang Bichen highly magnetic and appealing voice, tailored to create a beautiful ancient antiquity. Integration of the game Xian Xia world and the East rhyme, song soundtrack is also particularly into the flute Xiao and guzheng Chinese musical instrument elements, and write a Chinese style flavor full of antiquity melody, melodious mildly refreshing. Silhouetted against the music, Zhang Bichen soft magnetic songs and melodies into the buckle slowly out, in the true and false sound more than the conversion, the song in love dilemma sad sad and desolate desperation, “a world of good and evil , Your hand I will not let go “will be a touching emotional entanglement and persistence does not regret, singing people Ganchangcunduan.

After the song starter, also won the industry wide acclaim and fans love, and let the fans excited is that Zhang Bichen personal concert will be in December in Beijing Workers Stadium shock singing, the audience will be a one-time pleasure to listen to her Singing many well-known representative works.

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