Ah Sa birthday does not pray for love and Gillian are not in a hurry to get married

Netease Entertainment November 2 reported that 1, Cai Zhuo Yan A Sa wearing millions of green gemstone jewelry as jewelry exhibition guests, she said with a smile who did not give the pursuit of jewelry, their jewelry mostly from the mother and the boss Yang by.

This month 22 is Ah Sa’s 34th birthday, she admits that the annual birthday have been drunk, this year just want to eat dinner with friends, and most want to receive the daughter of Zheng Yixi beam immersion as a gift. Asked whether the wishes of the birthday wish to pray for love, she shouted: “This is too wasteful, my desire is to make more money.” She also said that he and his sister Zhong Xin Tong are not in a hurry to get married, but also said he loves and hate, will directly reject unsuitable suitors.

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