Beckham eldest son Brooklyn and Bibb before ex-girlfriend

Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn (Brooklyn Beckham) just recently closed and “super kill woman” Keluo · Grace Moritz (Chloe Moretz) short-term affair, after the outgoing They want to compound, so fans are looking forward to, but it seems that in the short term and does not occur. Brooklyn recently photographed with Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) ex-girlfriend Sofia – Richie (Sofia Richie) late in the streets of Los Angeles to meet, attracted hot.

Brooklyn 30 late at night to be photographed with Sophia appeared in the streets of Los Angeles, the woman side of walking close to gripping his arm, the relationship between the two seemingly very harmonious. However, Sophia was still wearing that night the ex-boyfriend Justin “Purpose” tour concert promotional clothes, and Brooklyn is wearing a white T-shirt with black jeans, the two along the way talking and laughing, talk very happy .

Brooklyn and Sophia have recently ended their last love, the two age are similar, but also are born in the performing arts family, a similar background of growth, so many fans are also very happy to see that they can have further development.

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