Christy Chung confirmed that the wedding for the Rosamund Kwan will be 11.8 performances

Zhongli Ti and her fiance took intimate photos

Zhongli Lidi attended a ceremony to disclose with her boyfriend Zhang Lunshuo wedding will be held after a week, when Rosamund Kwan will be present, “where my father 4” Sha Yi will attend the other two dad Cai Guoqing, yellow To the column due to something regrettable absence, including the three koalas daughter will serve as flower girl.

Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo is in the reality show “If love” met, but from the second phase of the program, Zhang Lunshu began to pursue Zhongli Ti, the two fake drama really do, after the generous recognition of the affair. From the show to the real love, the pair are controversial, 45 – year – old Zhongli Ti had two marriage history, with three daughters, and Zhang Lunshuo small her 12 years old.

“If you love” in the third quarter, Zhongli Ti accepted the man’s proposal, the matter was once suspected of publicity programs, but with the wedding is approaching, the two feelings really want to fruition of the. Not long ago, Zhang Lunshu with Christy ‘s daughter Koala to participate in “Where is the father 4”, Christy Chung also have to catch up: “He was so accidental to bring the child, after this area do not have to worry about.

Previously, there have been news exposure of the two people will be in Beijing on November 8, October 31, another netizen exposure Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo wedding invitations, the wedding will be November 12 in Zhang Lunshu’s home in Linyi, Shandong Province. This time interviewed, Christy Chung confirmed that a week after the wedding, appears to be in Beijing and Shandong home even do two weddings

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