Female singer pushed large-scale MV controversy won the family blessing tears collapse

According to Taiwan media reports, the Malaysian singer He Nianzai to Taiwan to hold a hair piece press conference, the latest single “Mimi MIMI” break through 150 million, the event behind the scenes promoter Huang Mingzhi also stand behind, Just did not expect a broadcast to the family blessing VCR, let He Nianzi tears collapse in the stage, crying: “think of them, you can continue to go.”

Eventually, Huang Mingzhi special platform behind, he generously said: “He read the condition is very good, that is optimistic about her, that she should not just take the conservative route, so no way to highlight the personal style and charm , Not like everyone who is fit for Clover to take the fresh route. “

Although all the controversial MV, whether it is sexy burst milk dance, women and women comrades plot, all in Malaysia, banned, can only be seen on the network, He Nianzi said: “I respect the brokerage company’s work, To make their own these works, he is playing a good role each time, but I hope the future in singing their singing and dancing singer line to work in Malaysia has hosted programs for drama performances are most interested in, hoping to There ‘s an invitation to play.

Although the network has a lot of negative comments, and even a sour message said, “Your family knows you dance this dance?” He read the inscription is broke: “My sister will go up to help me message, reply to acid people, my sister here , My family know. “Sister such a warm move, but also to work alone in Taiwan, He Nianzhe was moved.

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