Pitt’s divorce spread to his ex-wife exposed her husband Jennifer hypocrisy

According to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) in September shocked the end of 10 years in love, 2 years of marriage , Flashing away from the news a shock entertainment. 2 divorce not only involves child custody, even small cloth ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) at this stage of marriage has also been affected, came with her husband Justin Theroux (Justin Theroux) relationship precarious.

According to foreign media, “Radar Online” reported that small cloth after the divorce suffered rumors of criticism, but his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston not only did not speak bad words to help his ex-husband to speak, that the other is a good father, so these remarks angered her husband Justin · Jiali · Aniston quite protect their own image, to Justin Selkos go out with her sweet love to put on the appearance of love, love and love, So that the other can not stand.

Someone broke the news Jennifer Aniston in order to make a comparison with Pete Julie, to her husband out with her pretend to be intimate, which makes Justin Seloks feel that they are being used, feel very dissatisfied. But there are also news that the two people change because of Justin Throoks busy working neglect his wife, so Jennifer Aniston was not concerned about, will get married just a year to pass the crisis.

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