Show a look! Yuan Yong Miriam generous makeup remover Zhang Zhilin praise its beauty

According to Taiwan media reports, Hong Kong actress Anita and Zhang Zhilin married for 15 years, has a baby son magic child (Morton), the couple often show love in the real world, the truth interactive flash blind cross 3 To fans. 43-year-old, she recently and her husband on the land together, “Happy Camp”, but also generous in front of the camera remover!

At the age of 19, she won Hong Kong Miss Champion, from entering the entertainment circle, for 24 years still maintain a beautiful appearance. And she said her husband Zhang Zhilin like their makeup, the couple on the program, simply wash your face in front of the camera remover, the other first in the side to sing “intimate love”, then rubbing her husband face, face liner, lipstick a wash all gone, Exquisite facial features present, high-value so that the audience continued praise sound.

Zhang Zhilin close to his wife Anita Yuen, said proudly, “I think she does not look better make-up”, the process praised “my wife in makeup and makeup is the best look between.” Couples funny and sweet interaction, once again flashed a large number of friends, was mad praise “super like the couple”, “there is a love called Zhang Zhilin anita”.

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