“Sky fire” Zhang Ruoyun expose bed scene “very dangerous”

November 1, directed by the famous director Lin Lingdong, Zhou Qiliang producer, Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Guo Caijie, Zhang Xiao led the action of the crime blockbuster “sky fire (photo / Fu Rong photography / Sheng Chun) “Held in Beijing to meet the media, film director Lin Lingdong starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Haitao, Batu debut. Zhang Ruoyun revealed “bed” “Actually looked very close to the actress in fact” very dangerous “, and Batu is Tucao Li Haitao often” abuse “himself, director Lin Lingdong to film at the expense of two million sports car also attracted everyone distressed endless. The film will be released nationwide on November 25.

Zhang Ruoyun confessed to play “very dangerous” Li Haitao mad pinched Batu

“Fire in the sky” is the first time Zhang Ruoyun film action film, he said, thus increasing the number of action experience, “there are chasing, but also a bedmaker of the actress.” But with Guo Caijie ” Zhang Ruoyun address “too dangerous”, the original shooting when he hung a lot of coercion, “looks very close, in fact, can not move.”

The Zhang Ruoyun and Batu belong to the “good and evil two” square camp, is responsible for the escape and beating. In the media will meet the scene, Zhang Ruoyun and Batu seize the opportunity to open the “villain” Li Haitao’s “Tucao model”, Batu said he is in the group is the “mascot”, nothing will be Li Haitao “torn” and Li Haitao said the origin of martial arts can not control their own power, they are often taken pain. Li Haitao but smiled and said: He (Batu) skin white and thin, see could not help but pinch. “

Zhang Ruoyun Li Haitao Batu memories “playing with fire” Behind Lin Lingdong called “true and safe” is the film focus

This time directed “sky fire”, Lin Lingdong director to maintain the past, “playing good-looking, playing real” style, even in the collision scenes will be 200 million new sports car pulled to the scene really hit, once in the scene The brand’s engineers looked at the cars hit the car feel distressed endless.

Zhang Ruoyun also broke the news: “The first day of filming the first scene, that is, I was killed in a large truck to play, I feel not completely into the situation, it has been hanging on the door of the moving goods, experienced a super Stimulate the chase. ” Zhang Ruoyun’s “Tucao” inspired Li Haitao, Batu’s enthusiasm, have the initiative to the scene of the media broke the news director Lin Lingdong’s “play with fire” behind the scenes.

See starring turns to launch the “attack”, director Lin Lingdong unhurried to respond: “In fact, my play is very safe, because our team is very professional, actor good expensive, I than other People want them to happily into the group, safe and secure, “and revealed himself has always been in the protection of the actors under the premise of safety as far as possible the pursuit of the real and the ultimate scene,” stunt is good, but the lack of a sense of reality. In which the shooting, their state, the mood is the most in place.

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