Wang Sicong: the family never marry not concerned about the rich list

Netease Entertainment November 2 report (text / V Rong) November 1 evening, “Hello! Zhang, Liu, Zhang and other wonderful to help out, Wang Sicong personally at the scene and sharp Comments, the final Tan salt won the championship and get 10 million pieces, she and the other five strong little buds, Jiang Xuefei, Cao Wanjin, Chen Shujun officially debut.

Wang Sicong admitted love to tell the truth, frankly, Variety show has a script of reason

All the way to witness the birth of Wang Sicong goddess of the night also conducted a full review, still does not change the sharpness of character. Emphasize the shortcomings of the goddess, let the girls face embarrassment. In an interview, talked about this stern style, Wang Sicong said that because they love to tell the truth, “sweet words will not make progress.

Whether the existence of the variety show “script” has been a hot topic of the audience, and Wang Sicong that sometimes the effect of the program for the “script” is also reasonable, but said “Hello! Goddess “will be real, because it is broadcast.

Wang Sicong: Chinese keyboard too many people never marry marriage

Wang Xingcong talked about this topic has also said it is difficult to comment, he believes that “China too many keyboard Xia, not a word or two can be resolved, (suggest that you ) To put their minds to do their own.

Near the thirtieth year, Wang Sicong was also asked if he had encountered marriage at home, which he affirmed, “Never!”

Recently, one of Hurun Report List “2016 Hurun 80 Rich List” release, Wang Sicong to 6 billion in assets ranked No. 11, the day when asked to feel, Wang Sicong said he never concerned about this thing.

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