Wang Zulan hand in hand to create “run blue” advent of tour set sail

Netease Entertainment Nov. 2 reported Funny to sell Meng, singing acting, composing lyrics, debut twenty years, Wang Zu Lan has become a symbol of entertainment in the talented. In 2016, Shenzhen entertainment manufacturing together “run blue” Wang Zu blue, will open a new chapter in entertainment, on November 1 in Beijing Renaissance Hotel held a grand “Wang Zu blue tour concert.” The conference announced Wang Zulan to Nanjing as the originating tour in the Mainland concert program, and revealed that his wife Li Ya Nan and Shenzhen Entertainment people create stars to create a series of tour. CEO of Shenzhen Entertainment CEO Wu made a speech for the tour to send blessing, Wang Zu also exchange gifts with the fans, the scene is extremely hot.

Fun to sell Meng opera singing “octahedral” Wang Zu blue

With the variety show “Run it brothers” hot, “Blue” Wang Zu blue to their own weird, talented qualities are well known to the mainland audience. When many viewers in-depth excavation Wang Zu blue debut after the moment, “the road turns the powder”, the original “blue” Wang Zu Lan is not only on the screen Funny sell Meng big boy, even singing and acting, composing lyrics good all the friends circle Wang Zulan A “exaggerated” concert video and “refresh the night.” Netizens joked that “can not sing the opera is not a good ‘run blue’!” More “octahedral” of the printing of the name.

Shenzhen entertainment people manufacturing contractors have many times the United States, South Korea, the mainland star day group concert, such as “Brothers Colors concert”, “I was Cao Ge concert”, “Gigi Gigi Leung concert”, “Karen Mok see the world concert Will be “and so on, this national tour, the Shenzhen people to create a wealth of experience, combined with its elite artist resources, to create a luxurious singing team to Wang Zulan as the core development of new concert mode. It is reported that not only “electric hip Queen” Zhang Yi Xiao will participate in this concert team, at the same time, Wang Zu blue wife “Miss Chinese International champion” Li Yannan, will also be on stage. Lineup luxury, bright stars, more “running blue” couples on the same stage, shine.

“Entertainment people make” Hundred Flowers blossom star resources into the industry leaders

The conference, the Shenzhen Entertainment CEO Wu CEO on the tour concert speech, and in the long-awaited please Wang Zulan on stage, the scene screaming constantly, applause again and again. Then, the organizers invited fans to come to the scene presented Wang Zu blue gifts, Wang Zu blue concert tickets are also rebate as exchange, which has a sensual voice, very excited. Followed by the big screen lights up the entire concert tour of the map, Wu and Wang Zu blue press the light button, the concert line in the map glow, in which the most shining station in Nanjing. Finally, Wu and Wang Zulan raised champagne glasses, I wish the concert tour a complete success.

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