Yuan Shan Shan said during the program to prevent Song Xiaobao from sight

November 1, actor Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong and supermodel Pei Pei to brand friends as invited to attend an event in Beijing, the three sites to share their skin care experience for the brand new unveiling. Recent cross-border challenges comedy Yuan Shanshan, on the spot disclosure of his partner Song Xiaobao and behind the scenes, said Song Xiaobao in the background “sharing a lounge” for creation and rehearsal, and asked Song Xiaobao program can not leave her line of sight.

Was fans cordially called as “little sun” Yuan Shanshan, in this event in the white strapless set elegant appearance. When asked about the skin care tips Yuan Shanshan, she laughed and said, “every day deposited mask,” the package is the most indispensable “moisturizing spray.” Talking about the recent performance in the cross-border comedy, Yuan Shanshan responded to call themselves “asked Bao Ge (Song Xiaobao) can not leave my line of sight”, “I have stayed in his (Song Xiaobao) lounge”, these efforts in exchange for orders She was satisfied with the performance.

At the scene, Yang Rong wearing a black European root deep V dress small dress, shouting “not afraid of cold”, and guests to share with her daily skin care tips and massage techniques. Supermodel Pei a capable package, on-site stage performances. Three were invited to start the brand new product release final ceremony for the field of live animation on the full stop.

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